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Free «Study shows» Essay Sample

The study in this case involved evaluating the effect of stress on men’s judgment of the body weights of their female counterparts. The research is important considering that in the current world, men prefer women who are not overweight. The study intended to find out whether men can prefer women who are overweight when under stress. If the men chose overweight women, it means that stress influences the judgment of men. Even though previous researches indicated that stress affects the judgment of individuals, no research had been carried out to find out the effect of stress on judgment of men on the weight of women. The thesis of this paper is to find out whether the research that was done to evaluate the effect of stress on men’s judgment on weight of women is strong or weak.

Previous researches also indicated that when facing difficult situations, individuals are likely to choose people who are big in size. This is because big individuals appear to be mature. Such mature people have the ability to provide security to the stressed individuals. The research was also intended to find out the effect of stress on men’s judgment on the maturity of women.

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The research in the case had a hypothesis that it was to test. The first hypothesis was that stress interferes with men’s judgment in the body weight of women. This is the positive hypothesis of the research. The null hypothesis of the research was that; stress does not interfere with men’s judgment on the body weight of the women.

To test this hypothesis data was collected. The subjects that were used in this case were men who were aged between 18 and 40 years. The total sample was made up of 81 subjects. This consisted of male individuals who were heterosexual. The sample was then divided into two groups. The first group was used for the experimentation purpose while the other was used as a control experiment. The sample used in this case was selected in a way that each member of the group under study had equal chances of being selected. The study is therefore reliable because there was no bias.

The first group consisting of 41 members was put under stress. The remaining 40 subjects were not put under stress. After being stressed, each individual was given a group of four people to interview for a job. The control group was also given people of different body weights and they were required to interview them for a job. The candidates chosen by the different groups were then examined to find out whether stress had an influence on the decision of the men.

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The data that was collected was how the stressed and unstressed men preferred the stressed individuals. Good statistical methods were used in this case. T-statistics and ANCOVA methods were specifically used to find out the relationship between the dependent and independent variables. T statistic in this case was important in evaluating whether the age influenced the preference of women. It was important in finding out whether people of different ages chose different weighted women regardless the availability of stress.  ANCOVA was used in this study considering that the study deals with qualitative data that can only be analyzed through this statistical approach. Best statistical methods were therefore applied in this case. The right sample was chosen without any bias.

The results indicated that men under stress chose women who are heavy. ‘The study found that experience of stress is associated with men’s choice of heavier women’ (Viren, 1). This did not depend on whether the men were of different ages. On the other hand, men who were not under stress chose women who were not overweight in the job positions. From the results, it can be observed that there is no statistical significance of the difference in choice that is determined by the age of individuals. There was however statistical significance in the choices that were made by stressed and unstressed individuals. From this, it can be concluded that stress influences the judgment of individuals on the weight of women. This concurs with a previous research that indicated that stress influences the choices of individuals. The inferences drawn from this argument are based on the facts that were gathered. There was no personal judgment in coming up with the conclusions. This is why it is acceptable to say that the inferences are strong.

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The results also indicated that the choice of stressed individuals involved a wide range of women with different weights. ‘… men in the experimental group idealized a wider range of female body sizes…’(Viren, 1). This shows that stress made different men to perceive different women as attractive to them. Those who were not stressed chose women who were within a certain bracket of age. Put in other words, the women chosen by unstressed individuals had no significant difference in weight. From the observations, stress makes individuals to have different perceptions about what they see. Those who are not stressed have higher chances of agreeing that a certain woman is attractive to them. It is however difficult for stressed individuals to agree that a certain woman is attractive. The inferences made in this argument are based on logical reasoning considering that other people would come up with same conclusions given the facts that were collected. Even though personal judgment was involved, the conclusions are acceptable.

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From the results, it can be seen that men who are under stress view overweight individuals as people who are mature and able to help them whenever there are problems. This is why they choose these women since it was perceived that these are the only people who are able to provide security to the stressed men.  On the other hand, unstressed men had no reason to worry. This is why they chose women of the appropriate size considering that they had no insecurity to worry about. The inferences that are made from this study were based on facts that were collected. Deductive argument was made since the conclusions were based on the premises that were supported by the collected facts. Even though personal judgments were necessary, logical reasoning made these judgments to be more acceptable and this is why the study can be concluded to be strong.

The article is very important in evaluating the effect of stress on the physical judgment of individuals. It can be concluded from the article that the environment that one lives in interferes with his/her physical judgment. An example of such environment is hunger. Hunger affects the physical judgment of individuals.

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Critically evaluating the study, it can be seen that the appropriate hypothesis was developed to aid in carrying out the study. After the hypothesis was generated, the next step was to evaluate the validity of the hypothesis. The fact that the hypothesis is in line with the aims of the study means that the study was appropriately covered. There was a proper guide towards achieving the objectives of the study.

The other important feature of the study that makes it strong is the choice of the sample. The sample size is acceptable. The fact that there was a control experiment means that comparison of the results from the study is very easy. However, the study only considered the people who have a majority age. It means that conclusions in the study do not apply to the people under the age of 18 and the people who are over 40 years. The population that is left in from the bracket is large. However, it is important to appreciate that the bigger proportion of the population lies within bracket that was covered.

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The research has used appropriate statistical techniques. The research is mainly qualitative in nature. Such data can only be analyzed using ANCOVA or ANOVA statistical approach. The fact that ANCOVA was used in this case means that statistics was appropriately applied to come up with the conclusions in the research. However, more techniques such as pie charts and graphs should have been used to allow comparison of the qualitative data.

The conclusions that are made from the study can be said to be valid. This is because all the conclusions that are made are based on the evidence that is obtained from the research. There is no personal feeling that is used to develop the research.

A major flaw of the research is that it uses a population that is purely white. This means that the conclusions that are made from the research may not be valid for other races. This would limit the use of the study. The research could have been more useful if the research included other races.

In conclusion, the study can be rated as strong. This is because it has more strengths than weaknesses. The weaknesses in the study cannot make it difficult to use the findings. Appropriate procedures and data have been used to come up with the conclusions. All the conclusions are strong considering that they are all based on the findings in the study.

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