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Osborne Allan Payne

Free «Osborne Allan Payne» Essay Sample

Today, the name of Osborne Allan Payne is associated with a successful entrepreneur, businessman, educator, and philanthropist. This person managed to achieve true heights during his life. However, he was not just a person knowledgeable in business; he was a devoted son of his community. His deeds served as a real proof of the fact that an African-American can become successful despite all the hurdles and hardships. Osborn Allan Payne was a legendary personality who believed that human deeds have to be aimed at improving the future of the children.

Osborne Allan Payne was born in Roanoke and served as a soldier in the army during the World War II (Robertson, 2012). Osborne Allan Payne was brought up in a very poor family. However, he used to say that his mother gave the family members so much love and care that they barely noticed the fact that they were poor (Rasmussen, 2012). He managed to preserve and carry the love that he enjoyed in childhood throughout his life. He achieved success in every sphere he was engaged in because all the things he did were filled with love. He started working at the age of 12, and earned 25 cents. It was a period of Great Depression, and those 25 cents were huge money. Even at his early age, he understood the value of money, as nobody gave them to Payne. He had to work hard in order to earn them. In 1950, he graduated from Virginia Union University, where he managed to obtain master’s degree in educational administration. He worked as an elementary teacher in Chesterfield and Henrico, and Richmond. He also participated as an educational advisor in Africa, where his mission was to assist in introducing the anti-poverty program. In the article dedicated to Osborne Allan Payne, Ellen Robertson indicates that this person always thought about people who were in trouble. He even worked as a director of the nonprofit organization Total Action Against Poverty. He assisted in establishing the care centers in Roanoke Valley area. The actions of this person prove that even though he managed to successfully rise the career ladder, he never forgot about people who were in less favorable condition. He tried to help them and did everything he could in order to fulfill his objective. Osborne Allan Payne was an educator not by profession, but by vocation.

Osborne Allan Payne was also a brilliant example of an entrepreneur. The Baltimore News article indicates that in 1978 Payne became the first Black Franchise owner to win McDonald’s Golden Arch Award. It might be stated that in 1978, such an accomplishment of a black person was truly great. At that time, African-Americans theoretically achieved equality, but strived for it on practice. Osborne Allan Payne became the proof of the fact that excellent job, motivation, and desire to achieve more can positively alter the situation. Payne was so troubled with the fate of young men of single teenage mothers that he initiated a campaign in order to motivate teenage fathers to take the active participation in the bringing up of their children. As an educator, Payne considered not only his direct commitments, but also looked at the issue of education from the broader perspective. He aimed at improving effectiveness of the school system.

While discussing the inner qualities that Osborne Allan Payne possessed modesty should be considered first. Despite the fact that he achieved groundbreaking success, he used to say that he is a man who “flipped hamburgers”. The ability to preserve such modesty is unique nowadays. Usually, the higher the person climbs the career ladder, the smaller becomes the feeling of modesty. This perosn was also extremely honest and managed to preserve the feeling of empathy towards the needs and troubles of other people. He grew up in poverty, and remembered the days, when 25 cents were huge sum for him. For that reason, he remembered his poor childhood, and tried to take care of people in the same position. This person also had extreme determination, as he overcame all the hardships on his way of becoming McDonald’s franchise owner; the same concerned the rule of his centers. Osborne Allan Payne also had extreme courage. He managed to raise the spiritual rebellion and prove African-Americans that they are valuable part of the nation and that they should take active steps in order to provide children with bright future. He was also an extremely hard-working person. He achieved great results, because he finished every activity that he began. He filled it with love and put the part of his soul into education, care centers, restaurants, etc.

In conclusion, it has to be stated that Osborne Allan Payne was a true son of his community and his nation. He was an example of a proactive person who managed to achieve groundbreaking results. He overcame the hurdles of poverty with smile on his face and love in his heart. Life difficulties did not break his inner spirit and stamina. He managed to preserve the youthful motivation throughout his life. One of his major accomplishments was his ability to retain his humanity and remember the days, when he was a poor kid. Despite the fact that with the course of time he became a prosperous entrepreneur, he still remembered that world included people in need and that his task was to assist them. After becoming wealthy, outstanding, and famous, he remained human. Now, despite the fact that Osborne Allan Payne passed away, his deeds encourage thousands of people around in the U.S.

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