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Faith is an inseparable part of life, morality and reasons for existence. Religion has always been with a part of people’s beliefs, so they are closely connected and have many overlapping topics. The relationship between religion and faith is defined by good and evil, people’s ethics, beliefs in higher forces of nature, and the search for truth.

The most basic concept that is addressed by both religion and faith is the existence of good and evil. Religion states that there are no evil people, everyone is born equally good, and the hardships of life are forces that lead someone astray. Machiavelli would say that every person has a choice and what they decide to do in life determines their morality. Both confirm that the environment and human conditions play a great role in a person’s life, and the surrounding world is a very strong determinant of how well someone will behave. Education and the upbringing of a child are one of the key effectors on the forces of nature that qualify existence. Religion would advize to rely on God and place all belief and understanding in the hands of a higher being. Faith is a connection between a person’s psychological reasoning and feeling that is deeply internal and would make sure that a person goes through a detailed search of the mind and soul. In the end, both religion and philosophy define morality in the same terms (Machiavelli, 2010).

It is interesting to note that even though science and religion are sometimes in conflict, the law of treating others as someone would want to be treated stays universal throughout one’s beliefs and moral thinking. There is much disagreement on the origins of life, whereas religion states that God has created everything, and philosophy tries to find logical explanations through evolution or other avenues of natural development. Very often, one’s faith would consider nature as the highest force. There are many theories that suggest how nature transcends everything and a part of the eternal design is in everything. It is referred to as a living organism that houses people and the balance between humanity and mother-Earth should be people’s goal. Religion says something very similar when describing how God is a part of every human being and all the living and non-living things on the planet. This is where the question of free will comes in. Since the ancient times, people have been wondering about the existence of a soul or some other part of immaterial that is the real basis of an individual. Religion has been an advocate of the soul and that it belongs to God. It has even been said that it is a part of God and that it will return back to where it came from. Nevertheless, philosophy argues that there is a possibility that people are limited in their choices and are mere marionettes, prisoners of their framework and lack of freedom. The second view is that human feelings and thoughts determine all life and fate or material boundaries are really non-existent.  

Undoubtedly, some individual characteristics are present in the genes, but at the same time, a person is given logical reasoning to work on his/her qualities and change anything he/she thinks needs changing. Numerous psychological theories have stated that the way a person is raised will be a concrete part of his/her character in life, but good and evil will stay the same for all people. Any adult is able to realize if a certain act is ethical or immoral, and thus people have a choice. There is no denying that some individuals are stronger than others and are able to withstand the desire to commit crimes or evil acts. These concepts are widely known, but very little studies have delved into the depths of human psyche to precisely explain the mechanisms at work. This aspect is where religion would advize to find strength in faith and steer clear of any evil. Unfortunately, it is sometimes helpless to offer any practical tools in fighting evil urges and bad behavior. There is the comfort of going to church and praying, but this is a very small part of what a person must do in order to avoid any negativity and depression. 

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One thing for certain is that there are many more unclear and unsupported claims in religion that in philosophy and reasoning. One can deny and question the existence of God or any other higher force or being while it is impossible to deny the presence of reasoning and morals. Since the ancient times, there have been philosophers, believers and atheists, who spoke on the existence of real intellect and life, but the common link between all is in the fact that there are real and proven universal laws of nature and reasoning. Morality stays one and the same throughout time and cannot be questioned. For example, a person has to judge the situation he/she finds himself/herself in according to the highest laws of goodness. Immanuel Kant, one of the most famous philosophers, had speculated that every person is responsible to base his/her principles of life on the highest good, primarily towards others and the greatest amount of positive output. All people have the responsibility to provide help in case someone needs it and understand other’s weaknesses (Kant, 1998). With the constant practice of behavior and attitude by these criteria, a person will develop a part of his/her character that will be fair and moral. Both philosophy and religion suggest that people are born inherently good and it may require the harshest conditions to make someone evil. Even when there are circumstances that make a person resort to selfish acts and egoism, it happened, because they had no other choice in order to survive. 

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