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Generals’ Crook vs. Miles

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Free «Generals’ Crook vs. Miles» Essay Sample

The generals both had visionary leadership towards their impossible missions as major generals in the field. In the location of the southwest in the Apaches, Crook and Miles both experienced the impossible missions against the Geronimo forces. In 1860s, Geronimo came to power and had the Apache in the southwest where the Indians were the foremost force against the forces in the Major General Crook’s campaign. Crook did not force the Geronimo troops and militants to flee the zone but they were forced to retreat and then come back again. Crook employed the idea of using the Indians and the Apache scouts in his troops on the field against the Geronimo forces. His visionary idea was that the whites will eventually come to replace the Indians of the United States in the later ages.

Unlike Crook, Major General Miles took over the position of Crook and he eventually managed to overthrow the Geronimo forces and they retreated to the Florida region. Miles had a different approach which employed the use of whites in his military or army troops unlike his counterpart who used Indians and Apache scouts. But in the long run of the campaign, Miles used the Apaches scouts whom negotiated surrender under Geronimo’s terms, and they were confined to the Florida settlements.

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Understanding your enemy is a good visionary motive which Crook’s approach used, in the long run. In later eras, Crook’s approach could have worked which involved deploying a thousand Indians into the army and the use of Apache scouts in giving advice and the necessary perspectives of settling wars.

The cost of failure for General Crook lost support and leadership believe in the people of the Lakota didn’t believe in him or his campaign but the Lummis, saddened by the packing of is bags since his believe of the whites encroaching the Indians land was true and came to pass.

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