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Communications laws

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Free «Communications laws» Essay Sample

Communications laws are legal rules that are set to govern communication activities in the society. This is a legal framework that affects our day to day life. Ms Medellin’s story is a good example on how the laws of communications are abused. Moreover, airing the video to the public was a legal act. The public has a right to get information concerning daily activities. However, the victim is also exposed to risks to public safety. Therefore, airing the information without the video is the best decision as there is protection of the rights of both the entire society and victim.

With respect to the situation, Medellin has a legal obligation not to accompany the video footage of burglary activities to the information aired. This is because the community member has a legal right to privacy and has to protect the victim from public risks. The community member is wise to object Ms. Medellin’s plans to air the video in order to avoid legal rights being violated. In developed communities the public is a major participant in decision making. This implies that seeking public opinion in similar cases before proceeding to air the video jeopardizes chances of conflict between the media and the society as the rights of either side are not protected from such an action. On the other hand the sensitivity of the matter in the news may determine the privacy of a case.

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In my opinion, if the video were to be removed from the news, I would explain to the boss that I was not wasting time since such an action would lead to protection of the rights of the  public  and make sure the news makes sense to avoid complains from their employers. The sensitivity of the video footage does not allow for the prior view hence the need for reaching out to other modes of communication. This should be done intelligently to avoid jeopardizing the community safety if the negative impacts outweigh the video.

Constitutional systems have to adopt the best forum to be applied in dealing with communication disputes by recognizing if state imposed measures on public and private information. Media institutions have to realize if any measures imposed are constitutionally allowed. All the customary precautions must be observed since the information aired if not true or harms a community member a lawsuit might be filed against the company, thus the general public and communication institutions must familiarize themselves with main principles of communication and its controversies.

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