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The topography in Ironbridge is largely diverse, with the upper Severn catchment being hilly. This topography depicts lower levels of flooding since the ground allows for a consistent flow of water. On the other hand, the Eastern edge depicts a flat topography, which experiences high levels of floods. This is largely due to the inability of consistent flow of water. This area is also the widest as it found further downstream. The other type of topography in the eastern shores of the Ironbridge gorge is basically a plateau, which has the ability of holding surface water to increase incidences of flooding (Cossons & Trinder, 2002, p. 100).

Consequently, urbanization in the Ironbridge gorge is largely dependent on the establishment of housing markets. The essence of the housing markets is to provide areas of settlement to the workers. For instance, the south bank of the plateau depicts a transformation from conventional landscape made up of mud settlements to both the brick and tile settlements. Moreover, the Broseley Wood has been the face of transformation in urbanization, where there has been a move from the dilapidated housing units to high density settlement units with a modern touch. This is attributed to the flood control systems evident in the Ironbridge plateau (Upcott, 2000, pp. 10-15).

An analysis of the changes in land use in Ironbridge depicts a move from the conventional industrial villages to the contemporary Coalport settlements. The changes are attributed to the revolution of the transport sector and the information communication systems. In real essence, the use of the land in the area is transforming from home use to commercial use. For instance, the building of terraces to control the levels of flooding ahs improved the channels of inland navigation, which has paved way for the development of industries. Moreover, the construction of the iron bridge facilitated the increase in investments like the China works. This has paved way to industrial revolution in the area (Alfrey & Clark, 1993, p. 130).

Buy custom Ironbridge essay

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