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Free «Fame-iness» Essay Sample

Some words are not easily defined due to changing application from what they were originally meant. People’s perception and contextual point are influential when it comes to establishing definition of a given word or concept. Various factors including people’s level of education and knowledge about certain word, living standards and social influence are key determinants of how a word can be defined. These factors keeps on changing from time to time which implies that meaning of words may change from one generation to the other. One of such words which have attracted differing definition and treatment is fame. The word differs from one society to the other depending with their circumstances and orientation. In our society, the number of celebrities has increased while the scope has expended to areas which had never been associated. Various individuals have come out strongly to expose their concerns, about the definition of the word. Meghan Daum has played a significant role as far as definition and perception of the word is concerned. This literature provides the analysis of the word in our society today, as discussed by Meghan Daum.

According to Meghan Daum, “It is traditionally known that celebrities are those human beings who are known well to members of public.” It is a state where an individual is famous and easily recognized while among members of public. Today, it is clear that there are more celebrities than those known before. Celebrity used to be associated with famous people; an individual is expected to have known or heard about a celebrity. For example, Bill Clinton is a famous person and hence he qualifies to be a celebrity. An individual who does not know or heard about him may be termed to be irrational. Meghan Daum, states that in case she happens to come across Clinton in a retail shop, she would be immensely concerned, to see what she buys and take up the initiative to call those people who matter to her and informs them the whole encounter. However, Meghan Daum, states that such people will rarely go to a supermarket. This is because of the fact that they have people assigned such duties. They do not need to go to buy groceries for their own consumption, they have the ability to order for such products from the farms, Meghan does not rule out the possibility that they do not eat entirely.

This description leads us into a possible conclusion that Celebrities are not real people. This is the reason why we do not need to have an encounter with them to know them. We love them or we used to love them despite the fact that they may have not assisted us as individuals. However, Meghan Daum, states that “an individual is required to make a lot of effort to become a celebrity in a society.” To her, news is not significant and salient when it comes to identify who are celebrities. She says that “I used to merely ignore news about faux famous and their tabloid –targeted exploits, I now notice it and feel repulsed” An example, of an individual who enters into a room which smell like garbage, but get used after staying in for sometimes can be used to describe the process of becoming a celebrity. For this reason, an individual is at first not accepted when they first pose as a celebrity but is accepted after sometimes.

There will be no time when it is worse to be famous. This is the reason why there are a lot of competitions when individuals try to out-stand each other to rise as top celebrities; competition is stiff. Both the honest and goal diggers have successfully reached the point of being classified as famous. This has been reaffirmed by Meghan Daum, when she says “just about anyone can get it.” This is unlike in the past where only credible people are given the opportunity to be celebrities. The value of celebrity has declined significant.

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In recent past, an individual was expected to make strenuous effort to rise into celebrity. One did not become famous by just been a musician or an act; efforts must be made for a given period. One had to be consistent and regularly exposed to public scrutiny. Network television and top radio stations offer an opportunity for upcoming celebrities to demonstrate their ability and influence. However, the time offered in such stations is not enough for an individual to rise; this is because of the fact that on average only 15 minutes are offered. It is expected such individuals should look for other means such as free presentations in restaurants and public places.

Meghan Daum, states that “Coinage of truthiness is a concept which states that we tend to incline and believe in ideas irrespective of logic and evidence.” This is the path which the definition of celebrity and fame has taken. Today we value celebrities by their accomplishment but not their ability to attract our attention. In this case, they offer fame-iness; they provoke our disgust. Fame involves presentation of a talent accompanied with handwork as oppose to fame-iness which requires willful humiliation. In this case, fame-iness is sometimes seen as a punishment on the side of the presenter through humiliation and on the part of audience who do not get their intended appeals. It has come to a point where people are confused between fame and fame iness. Things are getting out of hand; the concept of celebrity has been distorted while it is now confusing between fame and fame iness.

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