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The Final Frontier

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Free «The Final Frontier» Essay Sample

1) Is the MLA format exactly right? If not, show them what it should look like. If it is, tell them what a great job they’ve done!

The work titled “The Final Frontier” can be improved in many ways with regard to the MLA style compliance. First of all, the title page should start with the author’s name and course details in the left corner. Every page must include a header containing the author’s last name and the page number. The header should be aligned to the right side of the page. The italicized title does not comply with the MLA formatting requirements as well. It should be written in a regular font and centered. Further into the text, every paragraph should start with the half-inch indent from the left margin. The “MLA Citation” section is also incorrect. There should be a separate page at the end of the paper with all references under the “Works Cited” heading. In addition, the second line of the reference details should be indented from the left margin as well. All in-text citations should contain the page numbers. Finally, the whole document should be double-spaced in order to comply with the MLA requirements.

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2) Did your peers convince you that their topic is interesting? If so, why do you find it interesting, and how did they convince you? If it still doesn’t interest you, what might you suggest to make the topic more appealing to someone like you?

The author’s style is definitely convincing. It is obvious that the author has an in-depth knowledge of the subject and is eager to share it. To the outsider, the astronomy topic might seem boring and rather trivial compared to other scientific advancements. The author points out that the majority of these advancements would not be possible but for the astronomy. However, some arguments could have been selected with a greater accuracy. For example, the author attributes the success of a wireless networking technology to the astronomy, which is hardly true. Nevertheless, the work invites the reader to learn more about the topic. As the astronomy deals with so many other areas that may be of an interest to the reader, the paper provides enough background knowledge for the further investigation.

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