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Free «Informative Speech» Essay Sample

On the fourth Thursday of November my family celebrates the day of the gratitude and people’s ability to forgive, which is called Thanksgiving Day. This is one of the most valuable holidays in my family, which I remember from my childhood. On this day people go to church to pray and thank God for every trial that they have to go through. After what people come back home and gather around the holiday table with the whole family to taste the traditional meals such as baked turkey and pumpkin pie. My family is not an exception and I can proudly say that my mother cooks the best pumpkin pie in the world, recipe of which she got from her grandmother.

The beginning of the celebration of this holiday goes deep in 1620. Namely that year the Puritans, who were expelled from the shores of Albion, anchored in the east of the American continent, and called their future home New England. The place of their landing was the territory of the present State of Massachusetts where settlers pitched their first camp. However, the New World was not favorable to the British: severe climate, unknown diseases and disorders caused the death of more than a half of the settlers. The rest Puritans who survived started gradually tie relationships with local residents: American Indians helped their new neighbors with all the questions they had. They gladly helped establish the British way of life and farming. First bountiful harvest, which was given them by the harsh American soil, was decided to celebrate with the great holiday. Among the guests were the Indians, whom the British presented baked turkey in gratitude.

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The exact date of the celebration, the name and status of the national holiday Thanksgiving Day got in 1789. However, the national love and acceptance of this holiday became in 1863 after Abraham Lincoln’s appeal to the troops of the North and the South to stop fighting and share with them food, and prepare peace treaty. This wonderful endeavor came to a logical conclusion: two years later the war was over. Therefore, it was decided to celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday of November.

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