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Charlie Chaplin: The Gold Rush, 1925, Journal

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Free «Charlie Chaplin: The Gold Rush, 1925, Journal» Essay Sample

The movie The Gold Rush by Charlie Chaplin is an encounter of a man (Tramp) who set in to Alaska ranges in such of gold treasures. Tramp meets two men and encounters a lot of challenges ranging from disagreements, hunger and cold weather. Charlie Chaplin plays a crucial role in the movie as the writer, producer, director and a main character (acting as Tramp). The three men Big Jim, Black Larsen and Tramp sourced for rescue in a cabin after a storm swept in their vicinity.  They suffer hunger to a point of Jim experiencing visual hallucinations “his friend Tramp has turned into giant plump chicken, ripe for slaughter.”  Later on, Larsen is set out to look for food but succumbs from an accident after an avalanche breaks off. The two men, Jim and Tramp, separate, after which a lovely lady, by the name of Georgia, is introduced in the scene at a dancing hall. Tramp and Jim meet again in a collaborative tactic to relocating the first cabin, for the purpose treasure. Tramp ends up falling in love with her, though Jim was also interested, and the two men are pronounced millionaires after locating the treasure.

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The moments that lift my spirits are those where Tramp brings out old days humor and jokes. Though these jokes are somehow outdated, they still hold waters and one cannot avoid a smile if not laughter. The movie is also engraved with lots of pity for Tramp. Many a times there are feelings of empathy for what Tramp is going through especially in cases such as eating his own shoe out of hunger, and organizing a dinner only for the guest not to show up.

The media play a vital role in influencing the audience spirit in the movie. The fact that the movie is silent, help is discerning it from contemporary movies. Incorporating romantic affairs and searching for treasure in such an environment is an idea positioned vividly to drive the struggling aspect of Tramp. Finally, the movie ends in a situation where, Tramp and Georgia display their loves. The preoccupations displayed by Tramp are those of failing to win her love. It seems that Jim who kisses Georgia first may win her heart, despite Tramp efforts. The sufferings are also shocking, and audience tense whether the actors will survive.

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