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Category: Informative

Automotive Industry

In any developed economy, the auto industry is one of the basic industries. In the automotive segment, employ hundreds of thousands of workers, the pr...
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Thinking About Diversity and Inclusion

The process of globalization is an important feature of the modern world. That is why, there are a lot of people with different cultural identities, h...
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The Relationship between Test Anxiety and Learned Helplessness

The major objective of the study was to examine the relationship between test anxiety and learned helplessness. The participants were students prepari...
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Maintain Order and Quality Immunity

In the study of the “Safford v. Redding: a search and seizure case”, the school was not justified to search the student. By consideration,...
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The sole purpose of all Christians

The sole purpose of all Christians is to bring lost souls to Christ. What is the best way to do that? One of the obvious solutions is to train young C...
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The topography in Ironbridge is largely diverse, with the upper Severn catchment being hilly. This topography depicts lower levels of flooding since t...
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Charlie Chaplin: The Gold Rush, 1925, Journal

The movie The Gold Rush by Charlie Chaplin is an encounter of a man (Tramp) who set in to Alaska ranges in such of gold treasures. Tramp meets two men...
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The Future of the Internet

Technology has taken the heart of the world in aspects of development, advancement and driving almost every other operation in most of the institution...
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Conception of Creation and Divinity in Gatha of Choice

Yasna’ 30 is a hymn that creates the idea of worship and living according to the expectations of the Sovereign God. The reading gives a clear in...
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Since its founding by Evan Williams, Twitter has attracted a huge number of people globally. Its inception becomes a savior to many organizations and ...
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Generals’ Crook vs. Miles

The generals both had visionary leadership towards their impossible missions as major generals in the field. In the location of the southwest in the A...
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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson is one of the most celebrated Americans in history. The author identifies Jefferson as one whose writing skills aided the writing of ...
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