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Category: Informative

Pepsi Advertisement

Recently, I have watched a video on internet, which is an advertisement promoted by “Pepsi”. This advertisement started in an old town, a ...
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Some words are not easily defined due to changing application from what they were originally meant. People’s perception and contextual point are...
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The Establishment of the Union

Banks and stock exchanges, the army and political parties, religious institutions and prisons have centuries-long history. First unions were organized...
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Physiology of Electric Shock

Introduction There is always a danger of accidental exposure to an electric current through live electric wires or lightning.  Exposure to electr...
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Local Issue of Hawaii

The Rail Transit establishment has been discussing the point of providing the rail transit system for Honolulu for a long time. It operates with certa...
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Solar Desalination

Solar desalination is a method that is used to remove salt and minerals from water, using solar energy.  The purpose is to make the water more su...
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Gathering Data on Competitors’ Clients

Enticing the customers from a competitor - is a dream for any manager and owner of the organization. The firm may want to take a larger market share o...
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Handicapped: an Inspiration for Hope and Faith

The visual image in review, which of a handicapped woman, represents hope and faith in one’s self. This progression essay has two main sections....
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Criminology and Birth Control

Precautionary act refers to measures taken to protect the occurrence of an action believed to be having a risk of causing harm to the perceived situat...
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Open Your Heart

“Believe and you will understand. The faith precedes, the intelligence follows.” This quote from St Augustin helps me a lot. It is a perfe...
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Transportation of Ornamental Fish from Singapore to Europe

Introduction Ornamental fish are those breed used for decorating homes and offices in aquarium. These breeds are of very vibrant colors, different sha...
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The Photo in the Frame

A woman, tired of the daily routine, entered a big old house in the end of the street. At first sight, the house seemed to her like a beautiful master...
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