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A Good Education

A good education has always been the main priority to me. My family has always stressed the importance of an adequate education. Living in Vietnam, I felt my educational options were limited until my sister decided to study in America. She is currently a sophomore at the Boston University majoring in chemistry.  She has inspired me to study in America too.  She is very confident that she is receiving an…

Adams Question Set

In 1879, the U.S. Government made a plan concerning Indian Industrial School when the executors of this cultural genocide took Indian children away from their tribes and parents and put the students into boarding schools for about three years. In order to eradicate Indians and inculcate in cultural standards of civilization world, the students were not allowed to speak native language; moreover, even were punished if did in such a…

An Argument about the Purpose of Education

Introduction No progress is possible without education. It is an axiom, which does not need any justification. Since the beginning of the human evolution, educated people have been guiding the rest of society towards the most essential economic, social, cultural, and political goals. Education is the foundation for the society’s continuous development. Unfortunately, under the influence of numerous contextual factors, the original mission of education has undergone a substantial philosophic…

Argumentative Essay: Single Sex Schools and Coeducational Schools

Introduction There have been looming debates concerning the disadvantages and advantages of girls only and boys’ only schools, alongside those that are mixed. There are a lot of reviews and research that have been implemented so as to compare the merits of the two sets of schools and the efficiency of either type. Issues of sociality have been raised amidst cultural contexts. These arguments have been based on the curriculum,…

Bates College

When I decided that I would go to a college, I researched many institutions. I knew I would attend a liberal arts college because its primary focus is to educate the entire student. Bates College is considered to be one of the greatest liberal arts colleges in the United States. It shows great devotion to student involvement. There is 10-1 student faculty ratio which makes classroom collaboration possible. Professors truly…

Benefits of College Education

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a college is an independent institution that provides higher learning of basic courses leading to a bachelor’s degree. A college can also be a university division. Therefore, college education may be used to imply education that leads to the award of bachelor’s degree. To begin with, college education leads to higher earning potential. For instance, graduates from colleges have higher income than the  non-graduates. College…

Case Analysis in Freire’s Concepts

Education system is a prime determinant of the extent to which student will acknowledge and acquire new ideas. Effective learning is deeply embedded on the relationship between the teacher and students. It is through education that learners are impacted with the necessary information deemed imperative for effective and harmonious socialization. Functionality and the structure of the education system in many countries fall under criticism and analytical opinions of Paulo Freire,…

Cheshire Academy

Cheshire Academy has groomed me into a well-rounded student. Cheshire offers countless extra-curricular activities geared towards teaching leadership skills and responsibility. It also has a demanding curriculum with teachers who will not accept anything less than your best. Although Cheshire is located in a small community, one has to work just as hard here as students in larger cities. For example, I work as an ambassador during my free periods…

Civil Liberties in Schools

There is a worrying trend in the educational arena concerning the violation of civil rights of students in learning institutions. Most of the policies employed in public schools lead to an increasing number of juvenile cases. There is, therefore, a need to re-evaluate the policies and come up with a system that is acceptable to parents, children, and institutions of learning. This paper will explore some of the policies and…

Contrast between Community College and University

Community colleges and universities are both institutions of higher education. The two types of institutions share some similarities, but there are basic differences that separate the two. Community colleges and universities provide education designed to assist local residents. At both institutions, students benefit from lower tuition as compared to higher tuition charged in private institutions. Nevertheless, attending a university is very different from attending a community college, and the differences…

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