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Category: Education

A Literature Review of Vocabulary Learning in CALL Environments

CALL refers to the application of computer in the process of teaching and learning a second (L2) or a foreign language (Shao 2012, p. 202). According ...
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Teaching Profession

Teaching profession encourages teachers to work on improving student learning. Teachers’ professional development effects achievements of studen...
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E-Learning for Adult Learners

More and more people prefer learning online today. Not everyone has an opportunity to receive higher education in an old, long familiar way. If a pers...
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Pedagogical Leadership

Section A: My image of a child is that this growing individual is very capable, intelligent, competent, creative, curious, and active. Children usuall...
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School Basic Skills Test

American high schools are famous all over the world: they are rightly recognized as the best forges of talented students. Educational programs cover t...
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An Argument about the Purpose of Education

Introduction No progress is possible without education. It is an axiom, which does not need any justification. Since the beginning of the human evolut...
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Education and Epistemology in Locke and Rousseau’s Philosophy

Introduction The development and transmission of knowledge are fundamental tasks of education, while analysis of its nature and warrant falls to that ...
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Family Development Theories

Educators should understand family development theories because they emphasize that family members have interlocking lives and developmental trajector...
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Contrast between Community College and University

Community colleges and universities are both institutions of higher education. The two types of institutions share some similarities, but there are ba...
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Text Summary

The learning process involves an active participation of the learners and the community concerned. Adult education is essential to adult students in c...
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Personal Education Philosophy

I was in grade eight when I participated in the national annual drama festivals that completely changed my career choice. The competition was stiff, b...
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Public Schools

Q 1. Differences between local, state, and federal roles in public elementary and public schools Role of the state government The state gives power t...
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