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Teaching Profession

Free «Teaching Profession» Essay Sample

Teaching profession encourages teachers to work on improving student learning. Teachers’ professional development effects achievements of students. In addition, teachers who believe that their own instructional practices have a direct effect on student learning are more likely to seek and implement new ideas to increase students’ performance. Educators who are confident in their own teaching skills want to learn more about their content and expand and sharpen their pedagogical skills. Professional development is more effective when it is closely tied to actual routine classroom practices.

Teaching is full of life, demanding, dedication, continued personal and profession growth are key to strengthening and empowering the teaching profession. In order to succeed, teachers should become leaders in their classrooms and schools. The research asserts that teachers need not only professional education, but also support from school authorities (Caine & Caine 126). Programs should provide mentorship, observation, and evaluation to develop great professionals.

Classroom is like a large community, comprising of individuals with different learning styles, social relationships, individual knowledge, and curricular goals. The ability of teachers to integrate and create daily opportunities for success, collaborating with other teachers to enhance and deeper knowledge in students is an important element of their success. Definitely, the time has come to unite the community, to change the countless future of the 21st century students. Kaplan & Owings (58) argue that one of the most available resources to educators that are often ignored by teachers is the community of colleagues who they work with. It is important to increase community support for education, regardless of socioeconomic status and racial background.     

I would strengthen the teaching profession by providing collegial support, job-embedded professional development, participation in decision-making and effectiveness. As a professional, I have been working collaboratively in many ways. Thus, I have provided weekly meetings to analyze assessment data and students’ work. Weekly, I observed students’ needs. Moreover, we established differentiated lessons, intervention strategies and modification plans. Purinton argued that teacher’s professional development should be an effort integrated with school, and should include professional learning communities (Purinton 50). Parent involvement is an important tool in education because family can encourage their children to develop learning activity, to reach higher student achievement, lower dropout rates and create better attitude toward learning. To develop cooperation with parents, more activities that will that encourage monthly or quarterly parent participation are needed such as notes, letters, phone calls, and teacher parent conferences. 

In my opinion, the basis for accountability in the teaching profession should be the development of personal and professional responsibilities. Purinton (26) points out that the accountability follows the exercise of power, use of resources and implementation of policy. Teachers should be responsible for the quality of their work and the way they teach their students. They should be aware of special students’ needs. Thus, teacher evaluation must be strong and effective. Today, many schools tend to create their own teacher evaluation systems. By doing so, the administration can promote effective teachers or dismiss those who are not effective. Teacher accountability should be present in the day-to-day work of the school. To improve teacher accountability and performance, the evaluators should consider student learning, teachers’ feedback from their colleagues and instructional improvement.

In conclusion, the teaching profession requires a special talent, ongoing growth and a craving in the teacher himself. Teaching profession is a profession I love; being a teacher, I can feel that I truly made a difference. Educators who are confident in their own teaching skills want to learn more about their content and expand and sharpen their pedagogical skills.

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