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Sexual Health Education

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Free «Sexual Health Education» Essay Sample

Every modern person sooner or later faces the problem of talking about sex. Sexual health advocates help young men and women to know general facts about the topic no one speaks aloud. Talking to strangers about sex makes young people nervous. The matters of sexuality should be considered in order to protect one’s health. Teenagers and students should forget their feigning confidence concerning questions of sexual health. Therefore, this aspect really needs to be considered along with a specialist. The comprehensive sexual health course encourages students to be responsible not only for themselves but also for their partners. It provides sufficient facts on how relationships are built on decision making. Sexual health education gives skills to resist social pressure in the sex-matters and provides person with information. Those who attend such education developed confidence in sexual health aspects. Teenagers recognize risks they can face if having intercourse with several partners, or with the infected one. Girls are explained what infertility means and what it can be caused by. Those who attend sexual health education lectures get answers to any questions they have. Sexual education lectures develop healthy and positive attitudes of young people about themselves. The role of sincere and open communication cannot be underestimated for it helps students to establish their individual values and make healthy decisions. Sexual health advocate provides facts about sexual abstinence and facts for delaying the initiation of intimacy in the young age. For those teens, which are already sexually active, importance of contraceptives usage is stated.

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There are several reasons and facts that speak for taking sexual education classes. The main of them are presented below. People get to know facts about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Facts about STDs and STIs are conveyed to the public by sexual health advocates. The most common infection among college students is chlamydia. Cranse P. states “there are an estimated 3 million cases annually with the highest rates among those who are 15 to 30 years old” (Cranse, 2003, p. 506). In most cases, those who have chlamydia are asymptomatic, but, in case when symptoms occur, that happens in 1-3 weeks after the first sexual contact. Another widely spread infection is gonorrhea. It spreads through unprotected oral, vaginal, and anal intercourse with infected sexual partner. Unlike chlamydia, gonorrhea in most cases has symptoms that are listed at the site of Center for disease control: pink eye, rectal pain, burning sensation when urinating and so on (CDC, 2012). Women are practically asymptomatic when suffering gonorrhea. People can have lots of STDs and STIs, which can result in infertility or cause serious complications when left uncured.

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People are informed about methods of contraception. For those who are unaware, sexual health advocate tells about the most common ways of contraception: condoms, birth control pills. Besides, abstinence is praised in case one has no condom for self-protection. Sexual abstinence till marriage is advocated as the way to avoid adolescent pregnancy.

Free samples of contraceptives are given to everyone. Students are given flavored and unflavored condoms, sample tubes of lubricant, spermicide (for additional protection from sexual infections). Teens are encouraged to use them constantly in order to protect themselves from HIV, AIDS, STDs and STIs, unplanned and unintended pregnancies.

Phone numbers of specialists who make STD, STI, HIV and AIDS testing are given for everybody who asks for it. Infected people can pass their disease through sexual contact to their partners. To avoid that, infected partners are obliged to stop having unprotected vaginal, oral or anal intercourse. Advocates recommend checking both partners, and, in case both of them are infected, to treat them at the same time to avoid reinfection. Doctors ask those who have any doubts or suspicions to pass testing. Information and cure are confidential.

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Information about unintended pregnancy is spread. Unintended pregnancy is a result of partners’ indifference to self-protection. Prevention is better than cure, so one should use means of contraception. Inconsistent use of birth control pills does not protect from pregnancy. Sex educators provide basic information about pregnancy control.

Birth control pills, abstinence and condoms are presented to public as ways of pregnancy control. Women should take pills regularly for pregnancy control. Condoms should be used for every intercourse. If partners do not take pills and have no condom, they would better practice abstinence.

Drug and alcohol abuse are the factors that lead to health problems. Drug and alcohol abuse may lead to promiscuity and, as a result, to STDs and STIs. If a pregnant young lady is taking drugs or drinks alcohol this may lead to serious health disorders of a child.

Psychological and medical help is offered to victims of sexual assault. For those who faced sexual assault, sexual health education lectures give possibility to get psychological help, pass medical testing for infections, and, under certain conditions, give a chance to turn to police.

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Myths about sex and contraception are exploded. Most of students believe in sex myths that deal with intercourse and contraception. Sexual health advocates explode the myths about interpersonal relations, sexual intercourse between same-gender partners, and the ways and means of contraception. The most common questions are “What are the chances of getting pregnant if you use a condom only sometimes? … Can women give each other STDs?” (Cranse, 2003, p. 505).  People face truth of how they should use means of contraception. Moreover, they find out about the results they will achieve, if they follow different silly myths.

Methods of self-examination for breast cancer (for women) and testicular cancer (for men) are explained. People are taught to conduct self-examination for cancer. Besides, it is explained, why it is obligatory to be concerned with one’s health.

Grand rules of relationship are stated. Sexual health advocate explains that people should respect each other, listen to one another, express tolerance to partner. Both partners should have same sexual orientation, and they have to be sexually active.

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As a whole, one must underline that teenagers and students should not be afraid or nervous about talking about sex in public or in front of strangers. Students should overcome their shyness and attend sexual health education lectures. They provide not only essential information on sex, but also educate teenagers how to protect themselves from diseases and infections, unintended pregnancies, sexual assaults etc. One more reason to attend such lectures is to study grand rules of building strong and safe relationship. Teenagers should remember that communication is the key to these lectures. All participants not just listen and talk to each other, but in advocate they find someone to whom they can talk without any inner boundaries. Sexual health advocate provides public not only with essential knowledge, but help teenagers to overcome both mental and physical awkwardness as a public-speaker and as a sexual partner. Specialist will underline the necessity of knowledge on sexual health before having sexual relations with partner, encourage usage of contraceptives to decrease sexual diseases and rate of unintended pregnancies. Thorough study of the information pamphlets will provide all students with additional and useful facts about health problems, contraception and consultation medical centers.

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 Students should understand that if their parents do not provide them with sexual health education, they always have a possibility to attend such class at their college. Teens should not be shy to initiate public conversations with strangers about the facts of sexual health and life as a whole. The subject is vital, and it must be discussed. Sexual health advocate gives the right answers for all questions about contraception, unintended pregnancy, process of intercourse, relationship building and sexual health problems. Specialist offers useful information in right amount to educate students. Sexual health studies are an effective means of assisting students to make healthy decisions, take the responsibility and adopt healthy sexual behavior.

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