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Free «Online Learning» Essay Sample

With the increased technological advancement, learning methods have been advanced to the highest level with distance learning method becoming popular. Most matriculation institutions across the world have come up with learning schedules that facilitate distance learning whereby a student is taught using when they are far away from their tutors. This paper aims at providing explanations, with enough cogence, the basic strategies of online learning methods.

Concerning access, online technology requires the participants to ensure that they do have the right technology. Technology, in this case, includes software, hardware, as well as, internet connectivity. An online course environment requires one to practice navigation. One should take some time navigating his/her way through the class folders and files and ensure that he/she can easily access the necessary and relevant materials and menus (Collison, 2000).

Another important aspect to consider is time management. Just like other lessons or lectures, an online class requires time schedules or a timetable. With the research done, online learning requires an average 6 hours to 10 hours each week. With daily learning process, each day should be 1 hour learning. 1 hour learning each day ensures that the student comprehends everything that the professor teaches and gets more time for deeper understanding and day to day applications of the information. A student should determine by himself the best time that is appropriate for his or her study, completing assignments as well as posting dialogue to his or her classmates. Moreover, the student should be sure of finding the right studying place. The place should be free from distractions to allow maximum concentrations (Collison, 2000). Maximum concentration does not mean that the person or the learner should behave in isolative manner, instead, it requires one to be in a place where the brain can absorb as much as possible. Location of study is not fixed for everyone. There are people who can concentrate and absorb easily when listening to music while others prefer a silent tranquil environment for concentration.

The next strategy is communication. Discussion and interaction do occur in online learning just like in the normal physical learning system. This takes the form of facilitated course discussions, engaging in the online dialogue and visiting of the e-portfolios of fellow classmates. Like face to face learning systems, all students are expected to learn from as well as provide insights to his/her peers. In online communication, a student should start by ensuring he/she post on his/her online learning community. She/he should also contribute in online discussion questions. Besides the above, the student should frequently log on to his or her online page for any updates or communication from the tutors. Above all, a student should uphold etiquette in communication, that is, he or she should be polite and respectful when communicating with other students (Schultz & Fogarty, 2002). The student should be aware that he/she is dealing with real people online and not robots. This ensures a good and supportive learning environment for easy understanding.

Technology is very crucial in online learning. It is the backbone of online learning. There may be problems facing technology in one or many ways. Troubleshooting is, therefore, necessary in such cases in order to ensure that any issue is properly handled in the right manner to allow for smooth learning. The learner should also be patient in the process of learning. Patience is crucial since online learning can never be compared to face to face method. When asking questions, the student should not expect prompt answer since it takes some time for the instructor to get the question, interpret and answer relevantly.

In conclusion, it is evidenced that online learning has strategies that must be considered for efficiency of the entire process. The strategies are of great importance to any student who wishes to register in any college or university for online learning. 

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