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Public Schools

Free «Public Schools» Essay Sample

Q 1. Differences between local, state, and federal roles in public elementary and public schools

Role of the state government

  • The state gives power to the state board of education to complete policies in schools and determine budget priorities.
  • It has a chief state school officer who oversees the state department for education and reports occasionally to the governor, legislature, and state board of education (Clabaugh & Rozycki, 2006).

Role of the local government

They have delegated powers from the state to perform the following actions:

  • Make all decisions and manage operations of public elementary and secondary schools.
  • Control the public schools.
  • Execute the curriculum.
  • Determine budgets of schools (Griender & Rosenstelngel, 2005).

Role of the federal government

  • The Congress is in charge of passing laws in the country. Thus, a number of laws has been established to affect education directly and indirectly.
  • The federal department of education implements the laws enacted by the Congress to sustain education.
  • The department coordinates and administers most of the financial help for education (Clabaugh & Rozycki, 2006).

Q 2. Write a 500-word paper that clearly identifies the sources of financial support for public schools and the differences between them.

The Federal Government gives about 7% to schools. The remaining part is divided fairly and equally among state distributions and local distribution.

Federal contribution

  • Categorical aid is a type of funding related to specific objectives. It is used for gifted and talented students as well as applied to special and vocational education.
  • Block grants are kinds of the categorical aid that has been moved to block grants. This money is used for programs that are aimed at improving schools.
  • General aid is used for any educational activity (Clabaugh & Rozycki, 2006).

 State contribution

  • Income tax is the most equitable source of funding.
  • Sales tax is not a very reliable source of funds since it entirely dependent on the economic stability.
  • Lottery funds are small sums of money collected from lottery though its contribution.

Local contribution

  • Property tax is a source of funds that has been widely used (Griender & Rosenstelngel, 2005).

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