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Letter for Scholarship Renewal Application

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Free «Letter for Scholarship Renewal Application» Essay Sample

I hereby submit my application for successful renewal of my scholarship. It goes without saying that I have immensely benefited from the previous scholarship. My childhood dream of becoming a good musician has not only come true, but also continues to rise to heights that I have never imagined. As a matter of fact, the process has been rugged, yet still provided the opportunity to know new people and make new friends all over the world. I can safely bet that I have become a more sociable individual due to it. Indeed, the Campus life has seen me invited to several recording gigs both as an excellent musician and as a lovable pal. In fact, sometimes I have had to blame my busy schedules on the network of friendships that I have made.

Outside Campus, the experience has not been limited. For example, there are several friends from Berklee who still seek my services in project recording in Miami. This certainly convinces me that furthering my education would be of great significance to the community. In 2012, this belief was affirmed when I got to attend a few concerts with the re-known Jordan Brown Band. There is no doubt that education continues to prepare me for the future. It is in this regard that I seek to have my scholarship renewed in order to support my education further. It goes without saying that the scholarship will go a long way to make a better musician out of me. I feel indebted to the providers of this scholarship because they kind gesture has made me who I am today. However, I wish to appeal that where I got to was not the destination and that the support may be continued to enable me to get to the destination. I strongly believe that my success this far will make it possible for the renewal of my scholarship. 

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