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University of Redlands

Free «University of Redlands» Essay Sample

Imagine you are part of the University of Redlands admissions committee, and could ask applicants any question as part of the college application.

a) What question would you ask?
b) Why would you ask it?
c) How would you answer your own question?


a) As part of the University of Redlands admissions committee, I would ask one very important   question in determining whether to qualify or not a particular applicant.  The question that I would be asking is,” What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?”

b)  This is quite an essential question because this would determine whether or not the applicant has concrete plans for his/her future. Entering college should be taken seriously by any applicants, because university education contributes greatly in one’s success in life. This question has to be asked because the reputation of the university would depend on how the students would plan his/her future. This would also ascertain the ability of the applicants to foresee his/her future in such an early age. As a fact, most students or adolescents, for that matter, don’t know what to do with their life in the future.

However, those who have the clear insight of what to do in their life have the potential to become successful after graduation. These students would certainly carry the reputation of the university on a higher level. Of course, the success of the students would be attributed to the ability of the university to hone them toward a positive direction. Though college life is a stage of exploration and discovery, the applicant has to have at least some insights of what he/she would do with his/her college degree after graduation.

c)  If I would be the one to answer the question, I would say that I would be looking for a job that would not only compensate my knowledge and skills but would, as well, allow me to express my potentials as a professional. I’m quite aware that I have the enormous potentials that I could share to any organization that would give me intellectually fulfilling and financially rewarding job. Honestly, I have always wanted a job that would challenge me intellectually, which is why I have chosen a course in business. With this, I’m planning to take up a master’s degree in the same field after graduation because I believe that success can be accomplished through continued education.

Through my college education, I also plan to help the community in every way I can. In doing this, I would join any non-governmental organization as a volunteer to share what I know especially with the disenfranchised. For instance, I intend to teach housewives how to put up a small business that would help them in earning an income.  I know that such small things could contribute significantly to the development of the community. I would do this on a part-time basis, it would be a way of giving back to the community what I learned from the course and the university.   

Of course, I will not achieve the said objectives without the quality education that I would obtain from your university. The University of Redlands is, indeed, one of the most reputable educational institutions in the country today, in the field of business especially. 

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