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Free «Government Education Scholarships» Essay Sample

Education is an important factor in development of any society. Whether it is social, political, or economic development, education serves as an enlightenment tool that ensures that a society makes right decision (Daniel, Deborah & Charlotte, 2004). Therefore, different governments have been on the forefront to educate parents to take their children to schools. The government on its part develops curriculums that define what students learn in the university. Public universities have over the years experienced declining enrollment rate as opposed to their Private counterparts, a phenomenon caused by the better quality of education offered by the latter. Ironically, private universities charge exorbitantly higher tuition fee when compared to public universities. This dismisses the notion that cost is the main determinant of choice of school by Americans. Different governments have tried to narrow the disparity by giving scholarships to bright students who cannot offer education in a prestigious private university. The problem is that the support is not sufficient enough to cater for the needs of the student at the university (Belfield, 2004). This paper is a proposal for a research in the level of funding of education by the government.

Problems that university students face

  1. Underfunding of scholarship and sponsorship programs
  2. Insufficient or absent tutors
  3. Cultural clashing—most universities have gone universal with students coming from different cultural backgrounds which means that new students need to adjust to the new cultural environment
  4. University unrests including strikes
  5. Cheating in exams

Proposed solution to the problem of underfunding

Underfunding is a problem to most university students because a large percentage of students in public and private universities who want to access quality education are sponsored by their parents, government, or a non governmental institution. However, the funding is not sometimes sufficient enough and some students are forced to miss classes in order to do some work to supplement what they get from their sponsors

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The topic of this research is the ongoing debate that seeks to bring to light the advantages and disadvantages of university students receiving full sponsorship from the government given that it has become difficult to get jobs. Many people who are dissatisfied with public education cite poor quality of education that university students get especially in public universities that does not prepare them to become entrepreneurs but instead would want to expect other people to employ them after college (Daniel, Deborah & Charlotte, 2004).  They argue that public universities have turned into institutions that seek to perpetuate the ideologies of the governments and therefore fail to serve the purpose of helping the individual development of their students. Similarly, they argue that public universities have been recording increasing cases of violence and contribute to the increasing moral erosion and drug abuse.  I propose that university students sponsors should consider giving full scholarships to students who are enrolled in universities that nurture entrepreneurial skills amongst students so that those students can finish their courses and help in creating jobs rather than depending on the same government or sponsors to employ them (Belfield & Levin, 2009)

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The problem of underfunding to university students is addressed to students themselves and their sponsors and seeks to bring to their attention the importance of providing full sponsorships to students with great potentials of transforming the job the job market. As such, they argue that private schools and to extension homeschooling provide the opportunity for parents to monitor the kind of education that their children get and empower them to inculcate religious values in their children. On their part, public education supporters argue that allowing homeschooling and private schools to take over the education system will contribute to the increasing gaps in access to education because many parents are not able to provide private education to their children.  They also argue that harmonization in education system is needed in order to ensure that children are able to have relevant education when they graduate from those schools (Daniel, Deborah & Charlotte, 2004).   

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How the problem of underfunding affect students in university

A good percentage of students in public and private universities are dependent on the sponsorships provided by their sponsors. If the sponsorship is not sufficient enough to cater for their needs while in school they may be forced to engage in other activities such as working to supplement their income, engaging in unlawful behaviors such as prostitution of drug trafficking among others. This will definitely impact negatively on their progress in class. Most of the students who received half sponsorship fail to complete their course at the university and this is a loss on their part as well as that of the sponsor. The university also gets a bad reputation from the public for having the highest number of students who drop out of college when actually the problem is not with the administration of the university but rather the system of payment of university tuition which forces many students to drop out of college. The parents also are affected because their students fail to graduate after wasting a lot of time taking them through primary and secondary education. Generally, the country is likely to loose much human resource if the problem is widespread across the country so that a large number of students are getting out of universities without completing their courses for the reason that they did not have sufficient funding of their education (Jones & Gloeckner, 2004).

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Hypothesis for Conducting the Proposed Research

This research is hinged on the following hypothesis

i.There are increasing numbers of parents who are willing to provide their children with private education than the government knows.

ii.Private and homeschooling education empowers students with better skills to private the much needed development in social, economic, and political development of a country than public education.

iii.Cases of drug abuse, violence, and harassment have tremendously increased in public schools in the recent past

iv.Technology provides an excellent opportunity and resources that are necessary to educate students holistically

The value of the proposed research to the field of education to university student

This research is important to university because it will help them and other education stakeholders to come up with policies that will govern university education and ensure that each students gets quality and sufficient higher education without being interrupted and also to bring harmony within the university education sector. The research will also outline the steps that industry players can use to ensure that university students receive best education that is commensurate with their skills and competency irrespective of whether such students can afford the education at ivy universities or not and also regardless of  whether they are in public or private universities (Belfield & Levin, 2009)

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How to solve the problem

The government and other stakeholders need to identify and analyze the challenges that students who are on sponsorship experience while in the university and come up with a well defined strategy that will ensure that bright and skilled students who enter public or private universities are given chance to complete their education without disruptions (Vahid & William, 2009). It is useless to sponsor a student in university half way and later drop out along the way because they could not raise the remain amount to cater for their needs while at the university. Parents also need to discover the importance of saving for the education of their children as early as when the child enters primary school so that they can supplement whatever sponsorship their children are going to get from the sponsors. In the same manner, adults who are working must be encouraged to pay for their education so that they are overburden the government for funding of their education.

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What are the problem benefits of acting on this proposal?

The benefit of acting on this proposal is that the government and stakeholders will be able to save lots of money which is used to sponsor students who do not complete their university education. The country is also likely to benefit from a skilled human resource because more people will be educated with higher education and thus will expect to make their contributions in the social, political, economic, and technological development of their country.  Moreover, parents will have the knowledge that they need to save for the education of their students and reduce the heavy burden that the government and sponsors are expected to carry of providing full sponsorship to students, some who are enrolled in the most expensive universities in the world (Vahid & William, 2009).   

Costs are associated with my proposal

There is need to have sufficient funds to carry out a research a cross the country on the rate of university drop out of students who are under scholarship. This is an intensive exercise that will require interested stakeholders, especially the government and institutions that sponsor students to providing funding to the researcher so as to carry out the research. Universities will also incur some costs looking for the records of students who have left for the last five years having not completed their studies. It is expected that stakeholders will be interested in this research proposal and provide the government to set aside the required funds especially now that the proposal seeks to improve their usage of money to students who does not complete their education anyway. The government will also be interested in this research since it is keen on building a well educated human resource which is able to compete successfully with people from other countries who are competing for limited opportunities in the international organizations and communities  (Belfield & Levin, 2009).

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This proposal should be enacted because it provide a tool for motivating students to work smart while at the university and also to assure them that their efforts at the university will be rewarded through full scholarships. The proposal is also important because it will help in developing a formidable workforce for the development of the country and also improvement of university education both in public and private universities. 

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