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Social Problems in Education

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Free «Social Problems in Education» Essay Sample

Nowadays some students do not even mention the fact that even school education was not assessable to all the people many years ago. Today’s situation differs greatly because the right for education is assured by the Constitution and each person can gain and develop his/her knowledge. Education forms a system that gives a society an opportunity to pass on information. This system can change social values. Our task is to explain how these changes in the last half century revolutionized the visage of education in the USA.

Firstly, we have to remember some important facts about the history of public education in the USA that influenced on what it looks like today.  The start of education dates to that times when colonists began to create there own specific type of educational system. The problem of those schools was that not all people were allowed to study because this was the right of rich people only.

One of the striking features of this problem was that later classical education was provided only for religious purposes. In 1647, first compulsory schooling was required by Massachusetts colony. This was the breaking period and everyone now had a chance to get education.  In the rest colonies the education was in hands of some private organizations or parents, so it is understandable that they needed someone to pay own tuition. For the great majority of people after Revolutionary War four key education beliefs were formed in the states. First of all education became free, it was run by publicly, and was nonreligious. Compulsory Universal education was guaranteed. (John D. Carl)


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Secondly, the today’s education is directly connected with the overpatching in social absolute in America in the previous 50 years. Many people in general tend to believe that the greatest adjust in the last half century is the change in race policy.  Today different race people can attend one school and be the members of one family.

It means that people  must be equal in their rights and reserved powers in all realms of life. In adding to the above mentioned, another of the main changes is the rights that women have achieved in a society.  The belief in our culture that women’s work was in the kitchen prevailed for many centuries.  Women tried to change this thought for many years because they were eager not just to be homemakers but also to participate the professions and business like men. After 1960, they got this right and began to live a complete social life. Therefore, as to discussing here, woman appeared in education and began to study and teach.

Further to discuss, we have to mention immense progress in the green movement. Not many people thought about the environment fifty years ago. Now in most educational establishments there are classes where this problem is widely discussed, and many students take part in this movement.

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Doubtless, there were other changes in social life that touched progress in technology, and the fact of the word globalization. Development of new industries has taken place in each country of the world and has turned around the face and shape of education.

Furthermore, one should not forget that that there are many social matters that educational system faces today. In his social problems book Macionis explains that society frames social problems and the solutions must be done through politics. Students can help to solve social problems through activism and political participation. (Macionis, 2005) Among those problems, the most urgent is the difference between public education, especially concerning educational outcomes, in wealthy neighborhoods and poorer ones. Macionis spot to issues of inner cities and the problem of insaffisient effords in order to combat such white spaces. Another problem is that the hidden curriculum was made in order to underpin ideology of equality within US on the one hand, but its validity is undoubtedly debatable on the other. Today capitalism, patriotism, and even democracy are armored in schools. (John D. Carl)

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To make a conclusion about our topic it should be said that there still exists a strong link between the place of birth and the opportunity to attend college. It is a well-known fact that people, who are less educated but live in a wealthier homes dominate in society, while there are many talented students who cannot afford a cheap education.  The United State’s Government plays a vital role in education but it only guarantees free primary and secondary education. To get a higher education, students have to pay themselves.  We also agree that, social problems of low educational achievement can be the main cause of long-standing problems for a country and will bound its would-be and the growth in economy.

All in all, the appearance of today’s education in the USA, though not ideal, but much more attractive than 50 years ago. Moreover, it really gives the chance for every person to get a profession.

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