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Free «Plagiarism» Essay Sample

Plagiarism is one of the many forms of cheating. In today’s tech savvy society, plagiarism is very abundant because it’s so easy to access someone’s work. Plagiarism comes from the Latin word plagiarus which means kidnapper. Plagiarism occurs when a writer copies the ideas of another writer and obtains credit for that writing. Plagiarism usually occurs in two forms: taking words word for word from a text without citing and paraphrasing words from a work without citing. The best way for a student to avoid plagiarism is to make sure that he/she is documenting all sources used in an assignment.  Plagiarism is wrong because one is taking away from another and is in essence saying that he/she believes that person is more intelligent than he/she is. Incidences of plagiarism come in many forms and can lead to is very serious consequences.

There are many forms of academic plagiarism; all of them are ethically wrong. Some students purchase papers or assignments from writing cites or. Other students use the copy and paste method. Many paraphrase and reword someone else’s work without citing it. For example, many students purchase papers from online writing cites. These sites are very lucrative, especially right before the end of the semester when papers are due. Many students still do it the old-fashioned way and have fellow students to write the papers for them. For example, I once knew a college student who paid another student to complete all of his assignments for a class.

In conclusion, all forms of academic plagiarism are wrong. Some colleges have harsh consequences for students who plagiarize. Those consequences could result in failure of that particular class or actual expulsion from the college. A college student’s responsibility is to obtain knowledge by applying himself. Having someone else to complete the work defeats the purpose of attending college.

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