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A Good Education

A Good Education

A good education has always been the main priority to me. My family has always stressed the importance of an adequate education. Living in Vietnam, I felt my educational options were limited until my sister decided to study in America. She is currently a sophomore at the Boston University majoring in chemistry.  She has inspired me to study in America too.  She is very confident that she is receiving an adequate education that will prepare her to compete in the business world. Because of her success and admiration in the American educational system, I know that I will be successful too. My plan is to attend an American University and major in math, chemistry or economics.

I know that American colleges have high academic standards; therefore, I have spent the last year improving my written and spoken English because I don’t want that barrier to hinder me. I enjoy playing soccer and have been playing for my school team for two years. Hopefully, I will be able to play in a college as well. I know that once I am accepted to a college, I will flourish as a student. I am a hard worker who is willing to go the extra mile to receive the grades I desire. As a foreign student, I value education because I know it’s a great opportunity to have the chance to study abroad. Without a proper education, a person is limited to what he/she can achieve. With an education, a person has limitless opportunities.

Receiving and adequate education has endless benefits. The most important one for me is the personal satisfaction of knowing that I have accomplished something I sought out to do. The minimum requirement for most jobs is a Bachelor’s degree. When I obtain my degree, I know that I will be prepared to compete in today’s competitive world.

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