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Report Proforma: Development of Curriculum in an Early Childhood Service

Free «Report Proforma: Development of Curriculum in an Early Childhood Service» Essay Sample


Recent developments in the global education sector have seen the introduction of new fields such as early childhood education as professional learning services. This report seeks to analyze the processes through which early childhood curriculum has been developed.


Lindon (2003) points out that future strength of any country heavily depends upon healthy and holistic development of the country’s youngest citizens. It is therefore necessary for both the current and upcoming early childhood professionals to understand how the existing curriculum had been developed. This report gives such professionals and all the stakeholders in the early childhood services an opportunity to identify what has been done in this field and what needs to be fixed.  


The curriculum that has been developed for the early years’ education has been shaped to include the children’s learning content as well as the supporting approaches to their learning. Even though curriculum content differs for the children under the age of three years and those between three to five years, the general content usually encompasses learners’ cognitive, social, emotional, physical and creative aesthetic expression (Connecticut State, 2007).

Drawing from the observation by Blatchford (1998) that very young children learn effectively at their own pace, curriculum development starts by understanding these children’s interests. In the next step, the performance standards that are appropriate to the children’s current development are defined. These standards help to gauge the learning effectiveness while providing for the accommodation of varying learning abilities among the children (Community Child Care, 2010).

Since children’s main mode of learning is playing, the curriculum developers usually select appropriate experiences through which the curriculum contents can be contextualized. The curriculum development then organizes the learning environment and materials while determining the level of the teacher’s involvement. Finally, the curriculum provides for the observation and careful assessment of learning.


Even though much has been done in this field, the technological aspects are significantly missing. Since technology has become part of men’s lifestyle, children should also be prepared from the onset of their learning experience.


Researches in the development of early childhood curriculum reveal the great work that has been done in this field. Much of the focus has been on the integration of learning content into children’s playing activities. Additionally, other social aspects such as children’s cultural and family background are being introduced into this curriculum.

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