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The Ideal University as Proposed by Thomas Berry

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Free «The Ideal University as Proposed by Thomas Berry» Essay Sample

Ethical Analysis of a Product

In the world that is constantly changing, it is very difficult to take a minute moment and consider something accordingly. It is worth noting that not only the future of education but the whole world depends immensely on the today’s youth. The decent education system allows making choices that will sustain both humankind and surroundings.

In his book The Great Work: Our Way Back into the Future, Thomas Berry (a scholar, writer, and priest) points out the fact

Of the institutions that should be guiding us into a viable future. The university has a special place because it teaches all those professions that control the human endeavor. In recent centuries, the universities have supported exploitation of the Earth by their teaching in the various professions.

It is the main reason why Berry is opposed to the current methodology of teaching in the universities. Whole chapter of the book is dedicated to the system of teaching. As an economist, Berry disapproves the current situation. His great aim is to protect and sustain the natural environment for future generations. Berry stresses on what will remain in the ‘universe garden’ – the planet Earth – because every field of professionalism exploits the field in one way or the other.

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How to Improve the Situation

Berry makes a proposal on how universities can contribute to the conservation of the earth, thus changing the way they teach. He states, “The universities should also have the critical capacity. They influence the other professions and the other activities of society”. He further declares, “Here I propose that the universities need to teach the story of the universe as this is now available to us”. His suggestion contradicts with what is currently taking place in the universities.

Thus, to help improve the way that the earth and natural resources are depleting, we need to change the teaching strategy. This starts in the university because it is a place where future professions are obtained. Even during the teaching and training program, the fullness of the earth is educed for use of its resources as teaching materials.

The solution to the following problem is that the whole setup of the university should be changed. For example, during the life sciences section, some living animals are dissected in order to explain how the internal organs function. If such a practice were done by all the universities not only in America but the whole world, then surely, the animals would be at risk of extinction because they are hunted by those who are supposed to protect them; that is, the humans.

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My Current University as Compared to Berry’s Ideal One

The way that the lectures are carried out is the exact opposite to what Berry is talking about in his book. In my university, there is no conservation club; thus, no one amongst the students has the task and responsibility of looking after and protecting the environment. The laboratories are full of dead and preserved animal species that are used for experiments.

As it is the case with a lot of other universities, the life sciences section cares about teaching the students what processes take place in a living organism. It is worth stressing that not much attention is given to how to preserve that life and make sure that it continues in future. If people read The Great Work: Our Way into the Future, they would cultivate and renew the conserving spirit, and this would change the way that the universities use in their current teaching system.

Ethical Analysis of a Product

In the manufacturing and industrial sections, thousands of products are made and discarded every day. This requires energy, man’s labor, as well as money and time to be invested so as to come up with the best product possible. One of such products focused on, is the iPhone manufactured by Apple.

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Apple was cofounded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Steve Jobs died untimely in October 2011.

The Board of Directors

Jobs managed to create such a wonderful and extremely advanced strategy that will still be paying Apple 10 years from his death date. The secret behind the success of this technology is that there is a systematic approach to innovation. Each product manufactured by Apple is created by people who know how to cope with problems and complains. Apple functions successfully within America and other countries. Such countries as China and India are looking for ways on how to merge with Apple and become a part of the big success story. Despite the fact that Apple does not have subsidiaries outside of America, it is still popular. It gives the iPhone its original look that can only be rivaled by other phone producing companies, like Samsung, HTC, or LG.

Company Structure and Gender Issues

Presently, Apple is not known to discriminate women; the representatives of both genders work at the company. They all are satisfied with their job and the way the company treats them. This makes the iPhone’s parent company-Apple remain popular. It is indeed a company that has great force that one would prefer to be recognized as a part of it.

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Unsettling Stories around the iPhone

After the Jobs’ death, there were a lot of speculations that it was the end of the common and popular iPhone alongside with its sister products the iPad, iCloud, and notebooks. However, the fact that the company has been working for a long time and has loyal customers, no strikes or reform bills have been passed on by customers. The production of the Phone is still on a wide scale, and the workers seem content.

I do not see any need to boycott the production as Apple’s products are always of high quality. If someone wants to boycott the production of the iPhone or any other goods, then such a person has no high morals and values in life and acts not paying too much attention to further consequences.

The way I see it, Apple is taking the leading position in the world of technology as it does its best to produce the goods of the highest quality. In 2012, Apple ventured into a deal with HTC. The following deal allows producing new and better goods, as well as pays the workers decently.  Thus, there is no need to boycott the company. The fact that companies and countries are seeking partnership and guidance from Apple sets the company high above others, and this means that Apple will have a prosperous future.

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As far as the movement and upgrading are concerned, the iPhone’s producer needs to follow all established rules and standards that have led it to such success. If Apple continues to use the high quality products, then success and greater heights will be reached by the company.

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