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Free «Cheshire Academy» Essay Sample

Cheshire Academy has groomed me into a well-rounded student. Cheshire offers countless extra-curricular activities geared towards teaching leadership skills and responsibility. It also has a demanding curriculum with teachers who will not accept anything less than your best. Although Cheshire is located in a small community, one has to work just as hard here as students in larger cities. For example, I work as an ambassador during my free periods every week, make plans for community service as the key club vice-president, and arrange travel plans and teach my group some basic skills of the debates as model UN vice-president. Cheshire teachers really care about their students; consequently, some of my teachers are just like second parents to me. We have teachers who care and go out of their way to educate their students. It is just amazing how much love this small community has shown. As a result, I have involved myself in so many activities in an effort to give back to the community. Thanks to the faculty and staff of Cheshire, I have become even more humble person who loves helping those in need. Furthermore, this school has taught me the importance of perseverance. The extremely exhausting practices of varsity soccer and tennis, playing two games per week, and being able to do all my homework are prime examples of the perseverance I have been taught here at Cheshire. I struggled in the beginning, but under expert guidance of my teachers I have adapted quite well. This school has given me everything that I need to be prepared for the challenges I will face in college.

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