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Strategies for Developing Phonemic Awareness

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Free «Strategies for Developing Phonemic Awareness» Essay Sample

Phonological awareness refers to the ability of human beings and mostly used in children studying to have sensitivity to the tune composition of language. In such an event, a child who illustrates the capability to notice the tune or sound in speech is said to be aware phonologically.

The phonological awareness has two sides that do transit from the simple awareness to more complex awareness. The first form of awareness is the one that can be adduced to be of size of the sound. This form of phonological awareness that moves from the large to smaller units being manipulated includes the following examples; syllables, phonemes and the onset time results. The other form of this awareness is one of manipulation of the units of sounds, in addition to the ability of, the child to detect the manipulation and perform. The manipulation may entail the   substitution of syllables in a word or even adding or deletion of the sounds in the same word.

Awareness in syllables refers to being able or having the capability to understand and comprehend the number of syllables in a word. This awareness occurs at the early stages of the growing of the phonological consciousness. It is at this stage that the recognition of syllables involves blending the words or deletion to aid the understanding of the children.

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The onset- rime consciousness forms yet another sound unit that is subject to manipulation. The onset is an example of smaller units within a syllable and can be described as the consonant sounds that pave the way for a vowel. For example, onset that is preceded by a vowel is the in the word win, and the onset here is (w). The rimes entail the vowel sounds and any other sound that follow the rime in the word. For instance in the word frog the rimes are (og).

Phoneme consciousness is another smaller form of awareness as a unit of language. It is the one responsible for making the difference in the art of communication.

The sounds in phoneme vary according the speakers meaning different nationals have their own phonemes. This is the last form of awareness that a child develops, therefore, becoming the deepest.

The teachers have numerous ways that can contribute to efficient growth of phonological awareness in preschool children. To start with the preschool teachers need to pay attention to children’s self initiative to develop units of sounds. In fact, they should join in the children singing activities, and this form an integral part into the kids forming sounds that contribute more to their awareness.

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The use of alphabet books by the preschool teachers is another resourceful way into attaining more awareness among the children. However, the teacher should at least encourage the kids to read units of sounds more often on their own. The other way the teacher can be useful is by the assistant modeling objects for the kids to aid relation to the sounds and still encourage the creativity of the children.

In addition, the teacher can involve the family members of the kids so that the kids when the children get home can still practice with the family members. Among other methods, to aid this awareness growth the teacher need to help the children read  the books aloud with the sounds more often more so, playing with kids the games that have incorporated the sounds.

The phonological awareness plays a crucial role in development of reading in children. This exercise enables the children to have an understanding of the written words that are used as forms of communication. The understandings of these strategies enable the children later in their reading life to understand and conduct spelling of the written words. It also helps the children to advance their logic in relation to the words written.

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The strategies and methods of administering the phonological awareness also has some weaknesses in it. For example, in the teaching of the sound units emphasizes mostly breaking of words into smaller parts. This is not a suitable method in teaching since the split letters do not indicate any meaning. The overall effect of this is that the broken part of words may confuse the children leading to poor performance in learning.  Moreover, this method or the employing of the strategies is more of the teacher centered rather than student centered. The teacher is the one who is more involved in developing the word the sounds that the teacher has derived from written books he or she reads. Another weakness of this method is that the weak children are left as weak if they may not catch up with the rest especially in cases where the teacher encourages singing of songs. The teacher may not monitor the performance of each child effectively.

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