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Internet and Its Effects on Education

Free «Internet and Its Effects on Education» Essay Sample

The Internet is one of the most useful inventions in our society. It helps to search and to get information faster, to communicate with friends and relatives; that is why the Internet plays an important role in modern life. But I think the Internet has a bad influence on students’ education. In the article, “Internet and its effects on education,” Angela Yong states that students have become lazy. She blames the Internet for “lazy brains”. I completely agree with Angela that the Internet makes students mentally lazy. In this paper, I decided to pay more attention to this question.

It is very comfortable for students to use the Internet – just a few seconds are needed to get information. There is a lot of information in the Internet, and every student can choose the most needed and acceptable for him or her. Moreover, the Internet is the fastest way to get any data.

Unfortunately, there are also minuses of using the Internet by students. First of all, level of education skills is not developing, or it can be diminished at all. When students use the world network with all its grammar and spelling checkers, they might experience some problems with writing skills because they get used to rely on programs. The Internet educates students to download some works for an essay or research papers disregarding plagiarism. They can get any kind of work without collecting, analyzing, and processing information. Such an opportunity can provide not only with unreliable information, but also with the lack of its quality. Another problem is that instead of preparing to school or university classes, student spends a lot of time surfing in the internet. There are so many temptations on the Internet such as Facebook, Skype, Tweeter, etc. that students cannot stop using them. It seems to be more interesting for them to have a chat with friends instead of sitting in a library and preparing their homework. It makes the quality of education lower.

There is no sense for students to go to the library if he/she can search needed information on the Internet. They just download any course paper and print it. Students have lost their interest of reading a book. Students do not think about their education, they are more involved in chatting with their friends or watching movies. It is not interesting for a student to read the whole book if he/she can easily read a book review that is published on the Internet. If they need to translate some information, they use online translator, and all the work is done. This problem concern not only adults but young pupils as well. They come home after classes, and the first what they do is loging in social networks and checking emails. They can easily spend all evening in front of a monitor having forgotten about home tasks.

For the young generation, the Internet has replaced live communication, education, family, etc. The statistic shows that the number of American students who often use the Internet rose to 53% while the educational level is becoming lower. Earlier, things were completely different. When our parents came home they started their homework at once, they went to the library if it was needed; they could collect and process the necessary information for several days or even weeks.  When we come home, we log into the Internet forgetting about homework at all. Such a situation makes our brains to lapse.

I think that nowadays educational level is falling because of the Internet, and we cannot allow this situation to remain the same. I consider that parents should control their children with parental control programs. All the university papers should be checked for plagiarism. We should not consider the Internet as the sense of our lives. It would be better to develop our skills and not to use information which was created by someone else. Students must do all the work by themselves and do not make their brains lazy. 

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