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The Worth of College Education

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Free «The Worth of College Education» Essay Sample

Education plays a very important role in our lives. This is one of the most valuable acquisitions that a person can achieve in his or her life. Throughout the human history, education has been highly valued, and the biggest progress was dependent on highly educated people. As John Kennedy put it, “our progress as a nation depends entirely on our progress in education” (Haugen, Musser 112).

Americans attach great importance to higher education. This attitude goes back to the oldest political traditions of the country. In the United States, people have always believed that education is necessary for the preservation of a democratic government. It is believed that education prepares people for a full and a meaningful participation in political life, including voting.

College education is one of the oldest social institutions that caused the needs of society to reproduce and transmit knowledge, skills, prepare new generations for their future life, and train the subjects of social action to address the economic, social, and cultural problems that humanity is faced with. In the modern world, education is a complex, multifaceted social phenomenon; it is the area of acquiring, processing, and transferring knowledge and social experience.

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Studying occupies a long period of human life, taking its most productive years and creative powers. Young people should learn at least ten, fifteen, or even twenty years to have an opportunity to qualify for a good job.

College education is an important stage in the spiritual formation of personality in its harmonious development. An occupation and a profession are essential characteristics of an individual. College education performs the function of attracting people to the cultural achievements. It is an act of transferring knowledge to students and teaching them to develop scientific skills. Education is a system that gives a rather complete picture of society’s nature. Studying in a college is a systematic process; in other words, by studying the fundamentals of science students approach to analyzing the things and processes from different perspectives.

College education gives a person a lot of advantages. It helps students in their further employment, which is a significant factor in the formation of social and professional orientation. Social orientation is the position of a person in the system of social relations. Studying in a college gives students an opportunity to have the desired social status and demonstrate the ways to achieve it. Another big advantage of college is that it teaches how to be a successful person. First of all, student needs to learn how to communicate with people and how to see the situation in its context.

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College education is a splendid opportunity to have a well paid job in the future. Most of the students consider that this kind of education is required to increase their profits. In some areas, such as law, medicine, education, and technology, college education is a first step needed for a successful promotion. A graduate degree will allow students to earn higher wages on their first job.

The success of college education is explained by the fact that colleges offer the best libraries and facilities for research. The ability to use modern laboratories draws leading scientists to work in the college. Students are seeking to learn from the real experts in their field. One of the important factors of college education is research programs. Students are still trying to enter the oldest and the most prestigious colleges to be able to participate in a variety of training programs.

Being a student is a great opportunity to live one’s own life. Students have no serious responsibilities; their parents are away and they cannot control the young generation; if one has no sufficient scholarship, he or she can always earn money in different ways. Student life is full of freedom.

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College education helps to think critically. Every student can become a creative personality, and teachers encourage them to open up. The effectiveness of students’ creativity depends on the ability of the teacher to organize the cognitive activity of the students, make them develop a creative approach to the topic and acquire the knowledge of educational material. Teachers help students develop the ability to perceive information in an active, creative, and individual way, apply the right kind of mental activity in an optimal way, and analyze the information. A student needs to have a personal, independent opinion and be able to defend it properly; students are taught to be able to apply their new knowledge on practice. 

Student years are full of life and have a taste of adulthood which is not yet entangled with the routine and hopeless mediocrity of everyday life. It is a celebration of youth and health, when one knows that all the roads in the world are open to self-determined and daring people. These are the endless possibilities to choose a right path. Studying in a college is the the most significant and valuable period of accumulating knowledge, increasing the erudition, and studying foreign languages. Being a student is a great chance to see the world, join one of the many exchange programs; it is a period when one can make new acquaintances and gain a strong friendship for many, many years.

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In the US, higher education has been valued since the formation of the state. The worth of college education without doubt is huge. Everybody should think about their future and the future of their country. Life becomes more diverse and more complex; people live in the age of unprecedented scientific progress, which requires that a person is not a template and doesn’t perform habitual actions, but rather possesses a mobility of thought, creativity, and the ability to apply the knowledge in various fields.

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