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How to Summarize Research Article in 5 Simple Steps

Students are often assigned to a task of summarizing the content of the research article. Academic writing is usually precise, clear, and follows a specific format. The same can be said about the article structure, which consists of the following parts: Abstract Introduction Methodology Results Discussion Bibliography In order to complete the assignment with positive results, the writer will have to follow five simple steps. Here they are: Think about…

Suggestions on How to Choose College Classes

It’s a well-known fact that before a new semester comes, you should select new classes. Actually, this process might be compared with playing a kind of lottery. As a matter of fact, you are supposed to pick appropriate classes, so that you can undoubtedly graduate on time as well as have quite normal life while you go through them. It means that you ought to choose the right classes, the…

How to Survive When Preparing Public Speaking

Are you afraid of public speaking? It is one of the most widespread problems now. There are many troubles connected with speaking to the audience, such as nervousness and inner tension. However, it is not as hard as you can imagine, because there are different tips that can improve your public speaking skills and help you not to die from stress. Use Neuro-Linguistic Strategies There are many useful methods of…

Resuming Your Studying Smart

The summer has almost ended and you think about getting into studies without problems. All this rest may have influenced you and the laziness inside your body completely rejects the fact of the necessity to get back to education. However, in order to avoid accustoming problems, there are a few helpful tips for you to start a new studying year flawlessly and without any troubles. Resuming Your Studying Make a…

Passing the Most Difficult College Test

Every student knows that GPA can have a great influence on his or her future after college. That’s why, everyone, including you, wants to succeed in passing all the tests. Nevertheless, there’s always one class that is an obstacle. It’s difficult, and the preparation process is even harder. You know, you can’t handle it, and the thought of it is driving you crazy. However, you can stop worrying! With the…
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