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Book Review and How to Write It

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Book Review and How to Write It

College students receive numerous writing assignments. Some of them are really difficult to complete in a timely manner. Most students consider book review writing one of the most complicated tasks. That is why they try to find professional writing assistance in order to improve their writing skills and reach high results in the academic career. We are here to offer our customers expert help in book review writing. They can check out our book review examples and find out more information and useful advice on writing perfect book reviews and many other papers. Feel free to visit our website and ask for our high quality assistance.    

Examples of Book Review Papers

We offer you to check out one of our book review examples.

We have already discussed in our previous article on “How to properly write a book review” that book review and book report are different writing tasks. In order to show our customers how a good book review looks, here is an example of a book review.  

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Book Review Opening Example

“The Devil’s Company, a real treat for all those who are in love with historical fiction, shows Benjamin Weaver’s return in the third romp, which is considered to be very exciting. It is demonstrated through various and oftentimes surreal landscapes of London in the 18th century.  Benjamin Weaver is the main character. He is a former ring fighter and a private detective. Readers had an opportunity to meet him for the first time in A Conspiracy of Paper written by David Liss in 1999.”

From the above example, it can be seen that the reviewer managed to write about the settings, the genre, and the main character in just a few lines. Such opening is the best example of an excellent book review.  

The review makes a conclusion by stating that “historical fiction is in most cases mirrors and smoke. Modern authors have no clue how people lived in past centuries. Regardless of any attempts to make a detailed research work, they still fail to properly describe past events. That is why they try to create the illusion, which in some cases seems to be pretty convincing. In his novel, Liss overcomes this challenge successfully and creates atmospheric, accomplished, and thoughtful work.”  

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The book review example we discussed here shows other vital questions that should be addressed in all the reviews: how the book can be compared to other books written by the same writer? Does the reviewed book make a contribution to a certain genre or field?  Is the book of high quality or something is missing in it?

To sum up, we would like to wish you good luck in writing your own book review. We hope that our example will be useful for you and when you try to write a book review on your own, you will definitely succeed in it. Please do not forget to double-check your book review for any spelling, grammatical, and stylistic mistakes. Remember that book review writing is not as scary as it may seem from the first sight.

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