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Creative Writing: A Gym for Your Brain

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Creative Writing: A Gym for Your Brain

Have you ever considered that creative writing is more than a natural gift, but it should also be a regular activity? Well, you should! Creative writing actually boosts your brain! So if you think that one needs to be a genius to skillfully express your thoughts and ideas on paper, you’re wrong. As a recent study in the sphere of neurolinguistics proves, everyone can do this.

In this study, an equal number of aspiring and expert writers were assembled. They all were given their tasks with an aim to determine what happens within a person’s brain when they while thinking of brilliant ideas take pens and begin expressing them on paper. The scientists checked this using MRI scans. The participants had to complete two simple tasks. The first one was about rewriting a small text and the second one was about applying creative thinking and finishing the story.

Looking at the MRI scans, the scientists didn’t notice any brain activity in the first task. Nonetheless, they did notice much of it in the second task. Of course, there were some differences in the brain activity between these two groups. For example, it turned out that experts had more brain areas involved in the process of creative thinking compared to the beginners. However, the surprising thing was the fact that the first expressed their ideas “in autopilot mode.” It means that in their case, creative writing was no longer an ability, but a skill.

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In other words, this study proves that it is absolutely possible to develop creative thinking and improve it with practice. Do you still think that if you’re not an expert writer now, you’ll never become one? I hope you don’t! Write more often and over time you’re going to be great in that!

Every aforementioned is only one of the strategies. Read on to learn more of them to help yourself become a better writer:

  1. Creative writing is more productive in the morning. If you think that before starting to do something in the morning, you need to exercise and have a breakfast, you might be wrong. Actually, the area of your brain called cortex (it’s responsible for problem solving) is the most active when we’re slugging. Check it for yourself and you’ll see – early in the morning and after a short nap, your productivity boosts as hell!
  2. Good ideas come at inapt timing. Very often, creative ideas come to us when we’re tired. Even though it contradicts common sense, this is a proved fact. Actually, you can concentrate better when you’re worn out, BUT not exhausted.

  3. Creative writing needs a schedule. It may also sound strange to you, but if you choose one and the same time to write every day, it helps upgrade your skills. It happens because your brain works more productively if you give it food for thought on a regular basis.

Use these tips and soon you’ll notice that your creative writing skills became much better!

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