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What Is Your Focus in Life?

What Is Your Focus in Life?

Each of us strives for something, something we desperately want to reach for. However, these things and passions differ, exactly in the same as we differ from one another. Each human being is a unique and special individual, with his/her own goals and purposes in life, certainly if they have ones. People talk about goals constantly. Lots has already been said about the ways to achieve them and that your goal in life determines who you are.

What is your focus? What do you want to achieve in life? I do believe that everyone is striving for happiness even if they don’t admit it. The point is what the happiness is and where it can be found. It depends on you where you see it, feel or find. While someone wants to achieve greatness in his/her personal life, the other wants to get ahead with his/her career, a professional sportsman strives for the gold medal, it’s all about someone’s desires, because we all focus on our own definitions of happiness.

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Chasing greatness in all aspects of your life isn’t the bad thing for sure. Only when we change, grow and become better than we were yesterday we live the life to the fullest. Failures, problems, and conflicts will always be there; no one can cancel them, as they are inevitable. However, one thing that does matter is the way you react and respond to them. You may have everything: money, fame, health, but if you have no peace and happiness in your heart, the previous stuff won’t help you anyway. Imagine you climb the mountain every single day, the journey takes your whole life, but you are so much concentrated on the hardness of your way that you don’t notice the beautiful things that come up on your way. Why do you climb then? Is everything you are dreaming of is that peak, which you’ve been desperately trying to climb on? You see nothing else around yourself. Now imagine that this climbing is your life. Every single day of climbing, you should gather memories and pay attention to precious minutes. Don’t let your so-called peak make you blind to happy simple moments that occur during your way. No one says you shouldn’t strive to achieve something or reach your goal. No way, just make sure your days and powers aren’t given to something that might be not the most important thing at all. It’s like you’re searching for a pearl underwater. After so many times of diving, you finally find it and realize that you don’t want this valuable piece. What you liked so much was the process of diving, that’s what really makes you excited!

It might happen that the things you’ve been chasing for such a long time don’t matter to you anymore or you just overvalued their importance. In any circumstances, in any journey, any moment, keep in mind not to lose yourself; instead, try to find your inner peace and happiness, which is about your attitude and your decision.

Happiness starts with you, and only you. If you still can’t say what makes you happy, keep working in that direction, discover yourself and reveal the deepest parts of you that may be hidden. All you need to do is to ‘dig’ deeper!

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