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Essay about Weight Loss

Essay about Weight Loss

It is proven that people do not gain weight at once. It usually takes time and adds kilo after kilo each week. Unfortunately, a great number of people don’t notice their problem with weight at first. The reason is their being busy, depression or indifference to their appearance. The problem becomes evident when season changes and there is no clothes of suitable size in the wardrobe or someone on the street points at it. Although, getting weigh is an easier process then losing it; the thing is worth an effort.

Psychological Help

As a rule, the reason of overweight lies in long-established habits. The most common of them is eating while watching TV or reading or eating the whole portion even if it is too big. All of them are far beyond the healthy lifestyle and slim body. However, it is not easy to change them at once. Thus, psychological approaches become very useful.

Psychologists Advertise for Losing Weight

  • form dietary stereotypes
  • substitute overeating as a reaction to stress for exercising
  • get rid of dependence on high-calorie food
  • communicate with people, who lead healthy lifestyle
  • watch videos and read articles about healthy lifestyle every day to motivate oneself
  • learn body signals and feed it only when it is hungry

 Two Steps for Losing Weight

In the struggle with overweight it is vital to lose excess kilos first and keep normal body weight further. The first step is the hardest as it requires great motivation, self-organization and willpower. As soon as, it is achieved the second step becomes a bit easier, because a person remembers how hard it was to get the result and holds himself / herself back from harming habits.

Seriousness of the Problem

 Studies show that food addiction, especially for sweets, is not less severe than alcohol and drug dependence. So, in the stressful situations eating becomes something like an inadequate reaction to calm down and distract. However, food is not so harmful for health as cigarettes, drugs and alcohol, it still endangers life quality of a person as it leads to overweight and passive lifestyle. As a rule, fat people are less active, communicative and smiling, because realize their problem but have little power to struggle with it to the end.

The Reasons for Overeating

Kathy Leach sarcastically writes that there are only two reasons for overeating. The first reason is a need for simply eating food, and the second one is a need to be fat. Both sound irrationally in nowadays society. Thus, there is no reason for overeating, while there are many reasons for being healthy, slim, and active.

The problem of overeating is both physical and psychological. People, who aim to lose weight, can make their road easier with the help of a psychological consultant. He / she will help them enjoy the process and win the battle. 


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