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Social Networking Addiction

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Social Networking Addiction

Facebook and other social networks have become an integral part of our life. As the Internet has replaced all the media, toys, traditional stores, and much more, social networks have replaced the rest of the world. Undoubtedly, social networks can lead to dependency. The degree of this dependence is often much stronger than alcoholism or drug addiction.

Psychologists have been faced with the problem of most modern people – the state of “loneliness in the crowd.” Signs of this problem are manifested in discomfort among people, alienation, distrust, and lack of outside support. A person willingly changes real communication into surreal communication. On the Internet, we can find support. We also have many “friends” willing to talk here.

Causes of Internet Addiction

In truth, it is easier for a person to communicate online because the screen hides his or her true emotions, which are easily recognized in real life through facial expressions, tonality, and gestures. Such communication is distorted, and it distorts us. If people have serious hobbies, they are unlikely to look through many pages, but if a person has no hobbies, and there is a lot of free time. This is the right way to forming such an addiction. Spying on someone else’s life instead of living his or her own becomes a habit. Nevertheless, the biggest risk groups are children and teenagers.

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Signs of Social Networking Addiction

  • an obsessive irresistible desire to enter your social network page, view the latest news, look through photos, or show some kind of activity;
  • complaints of family members, friends, employees that a person spends too much time on social networks;
  • significant financial expenses, unnecessary purchases over the Internet;
  • the loss of time control during a computer session;
  • the feeling of irritation if at the moment there is no possibility to enter your profile (there is no Wi-Fi in this zone; you must complete some task urgently);
  • as addiction progresses, some problems with studies, in the family, at work may arise, when a person ceases to give them due attention and spends more and more time online;
  • a person can refuse to eat or eat in front of a computer monitor, spend less time sleeping, just not to miss anything new.

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How to Get Rid of Internet Addiction

In fact, Internet addiction is much easier to cure than drug abuse. Yes, the brain’s pleasure sensors work when you get a new “like,” but you are not addicted to the consumption of a narcotic substance that can harm your body. Here are some useful tips:

  • leave the most uninteresting communities, stay only in those that really interest you;
  • cancel the function to publish the news of friends on your page;
  • enable message notification function to your mailbox;
  • allocate defined time to visiting social networks, for example, 1-2 hours a day.

If you want to get rid of your addiction, learn how to fill your life with real communication: attend various events, join real communities, find a hobby, and meet your Internet friends without the screens between you.

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