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“Republican Motherhood” and the “Cult of Domesticity”

Human rights theme is one of the most discussed issues all over the world. There are different examples of the human rights violation and I would like to outline three of them: gender, class issues and racism in the light of the republican motherhood. It is important to rely to the fact that the term “republican motherhood” has been applied in the 20-th century for defining the attitude towards roles…

African American

Prejudices, as understood by many, refer to a cultural attitude that usually rests on the negative or unnecessary stereotypes on individuals. Prejudice is an action that affects other people’s life, mainly psychologically. Based on the history of the United States, prejudices can be seen as one of the factors that greatly influence historical records. First, it discourages always to read about certain practices and problems faced by other people due…

American Culture: Diversity and Unity

American culture began to develop even before the United States became a nation. Its early formation was influenced by British culture due to the colonial ties with the British, who spread the English language, de jure (legal) system and other cultural inheritance. Also, it was strongly influenced by the other European countries, from which a large number of immigrants come. This is Ireland, Germany, Poland, and Italy. The USA has…

Baby Boomer

In the history of United States of America, traditional families did not limit the number of their children to two or less like it is being witnessed now. The baby boomer generation between 1940s and 1960s produced prominent persons including the former president of United States, George W. Bush. The birth rate is said to have been very high at the moment demanding huge volumes of resources (Green, 2006). The…

Charismatic Leadership

A 1976 Theory of Charisma Leadership uses the term charisma to describe leaders who wield the uncommon abilities to command devotion and loyalty of the inspiring followers not only to accept but to execute their (leaders’) will without any hesitation or question courtesy of the leaders’ personal abilities. According to Max Weber, charismatic leader is that who reveals the transcendent mission which is appealing to the inspiring followers in readiness…

Child Mortality Rate in Sierra Leone

Introduction There are various international organizations in the world which track the quality of life in different countries. They classify the states into the most developed, developing and the least developed ones. Such a measure allows choosing countries with the most insufficient economy and numerous problems in order to assist them. World Health Organization and other relating bodies use various markers determining the level of development of economic, cultural, health…

Code of Ethics In IT

Practice shows that ethical codes really do contain resources to address a wide range of tasks. At the same time, a single methodological approach to codes of ethics is currently lacking. Code of ethics, in essence, is a set of rules and behaviors that are shared by members of the group. With the use of the code set certain behaviors and common standards of relations and joint activities are set.…

Community Oriented Policing Model

Community policing is a proactive approach in addressing the issues facing a community. The concept’s success is highly benched on degree of fruitful collaboration between the community and the law enforcers. Ideally, community policing comprises of three crucial components.  The first component of community policing is community partnerships. In this component, the critical concept is to allow intermingling, close relationship and collaboration between the law enforcement agencies and the community…

Does The World still care about American Culture?

American culture is not very distinct since it is composed of people from different origins. Their culture is diverse ranging from food, drinks, fashion and art. America has been a role model to many developing and developed countries in terms of fashion. Many individuals have perceived that United States of America has the best brains in designing clothes and mode of dressing. It has been a household activity to dress…

Effective Leadership

Every project or program that has to be fruitful need a guide who is capable of influencing the team to work and walk towards the goal(s). Leadership is an inevitable concept in every aspect where teamwork comes to play. In this respect, the leader(s) must carry the mantle and utilize it appropriately with the aim of accomplishing goals to the expected level and quality. Failure of a team will always…

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