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Free «Leadership Point of View» Essay Sample

Proudly, I may declare that I have benefited a lot from the background and support that I have received from both by mother and my boss/mentor. They cultivated in me the principle of excellence by imposing the imperativeness of an extra stride on my path, which happens to be the longest stride on my path of achievements. It is from them that I have developed a strong passion for perfect accomplishment of any of my undertakings and remaining responsible for my accounts.

Leadership comes with challenges that may, at times, sway one’s focus off the track. These challenges may also weaken the drive and motivation towards the prime goal. However, these challenges rarely affect me; military training that I received reinforced calmness in me. It is through this training that I learnt of “STOP principle” (Silence, Think, Observe, and Plan) that helps me in threatening situations.

Achievements that are worth a nod in an institution require consummate input from all stakeholders. Collaboration can never thrive in a selfish, coercive, and visionless environment. In this respect, fairness guides my interests with a deeply embedded belief that with trustworthy and supportive colleagues, no mountain is too high, neither is sky the limit. 

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Family is the initial source of support for everything I do. Like oases in a desert, honesty and family commitment are vital in my family. The two principles, honesty and family commitment, give me inner peace essential for profound achievements.

Experience has taught me the vitality of paying attention to my employees’ cues and trusting them with their capability and decision-making process. These two are crucial in motivating workers and nurture an environment where creativity and innovation become the culture of the institution. Workers trust my decision since I keep my word. Promises made have to be fulfilled.

Having promoted collaborative and trustful environment, I expect that honesty, loyalty, and support will thrive among my employees. Similarly, employees should expect the same elements from me coupled with hard working attributes. I believe that this approach of leading is an example of implementing the expected values, principles, and ideas. I would be happy if others will follow my vision. Consequently, together we shall focus on doing our the best to reach the set goals;  this will make my deam of a leader realized. 

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