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Free «Sociology» Essay Sample

The family has for decades been taken as the basic unit of any society; this makes it worth to argue that the family can be seen as the chief cause of some problems, which the society is currently facing. Therefore, I agree with experts that weakening families have become the cause of various problems that the society faces today. The chief reason for this argument is because the most basic, significant moral and social functions of individuals in the society are apparently instilled upon the young members by the various families in order to prepare them for proper interaction with a remarkably vast social group, which is the society. Hence, the task of preparing children to the society falls in the hands of parents; however, there is an enormous problem in the society due to the weakening of families, which emanates from the inability of parents to perform their role in preparing the young members on how to interact and face challenges in the society.

Changes in the families have become the chief contributing factor to the problems in the society; since 1960, one of the significant changes seen in families is the issue of divorce. Most American families constitute of single parenting due to the problem of divorce. On the other hand, cohabitation has become common in the American society. Hence divorce and cohabitation are the two chief experiences in the American families leading to single parenting. The chief factor leading to cohabitation and divorce in the American society is financial independence of women, which has led to increased tensions in marriage. In addition, the rise of dual career makes the responsibility of parenting a difficult task. It is evident that families have become weaker since social media such as Facebook has become surrogate parent. Also, young members of the society are relying on video games and cell phones in relating to the significant others. I recommend that parents should take a collective responsibility in creating awareness to the young members of the society in order to prepare them for any challenge, which can occur in the society; this will help in strengthening the family.

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Discussion Board 4

In the next ten years, life in America will change due to changes and advancements in technology. Most high school kids will be doing their learning online emanating from the development of technology. Life will change since computers, which anticipate to people’s needs or interests will be in use; most of the house work will be done by the robots.

The internet will be one of the most significant technologies, which will influence changes in the life of Americans in the next ten years. The internet will be useful in the learning process since most of the learning will take place online. Without the internet, online learning will not be feasible since communication and reading of online materials will not be efficient. The internet will also play a vital role in effecting the needs of individuals; for instance, in receiving programming suggestions.

One of the ways that sociologists might use the internet in America is to determine the effectiveness of using technology in education; for example, online learning. Another way is to study the effects of the advancement of technology; whether will have more merits than disadvantages on lives of individuals. In addition, the sociologists can use the internet in finding out how society can deal with the negative impacts of technology.

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