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Category: Sociology


Part 1 The problem of urbanization is among the major issues that world faces currently. That is why, there exists a great variety of meanings and ...
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Climate Change Denial

Climate change is an alarming topic that continues to worry scientists, who are trying to convince the society that it is crucial to take immediate ac...
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Mongols in China

Introduction The number of nomads in the Mongolian ethnic group decreases to an alarming level. Due to influence of urban lifestyle and severe weath...
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Book Summary: The Islam Images in the Modern World

The book covers the issue of the Islam images in the modern world. It is an attempt to provide a clear analysis of the contemporary issues and religio...
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Suicide and Social Environment

Introduction As one of the most widespread reasons of human death, suicide rates cannot be accurately fixed due to the lack of reported cases. Accord...
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Community as a Healthcare Client

As a healthcare client, the community requires a wide range of services of healthcare providers oriented at its specification. They differ in the leve...
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Child Mortality Rate in Sierra Leone

Introduction There are various international organizations in the world which track the quality of life in different countries. They classify the stat...
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Republican Vs Democrats

The issue of gay marriages has been a heated social issue between the democrats and the republicans in the U.S. The republicans are opposed to the leg...
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The Amanda Todd Story

Nowadays, bullying is a widespread problem that exists almost in every school between teens who insult each other in different, cruel ways. Sometimes ...
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Racial Profiling and Male African Americans

Social pillar like many others core pillars in human development demands close attention in answering the disparity and challenges in the society. Ide...
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Social Support for the Elderly

The elderly in society who are mostly isolated due to various reasons such as being in distant isolated areas, those disabled, or those without family...
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Effective Leadership

Every project or program that has to be fruitful need a guide who is capable of influencing the team to work and walk towards the goal(s). Leadership ...
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