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The Amanda Todd Story

Free «The Amanda Todd Story» Essay Sample

Nowadays, bullying is a widespread problem that exists almost in every school between teens who insult each other in different, cruel ways. Sometimes people do not pay much attention to bullying because they suppose it does not contain any threat and can be an attribution of the peers’ behavior and attitude according to their age and a high desire to show the appropriate leadership or superiority. However, bullying can have horrible consequences that cause even suicide and, namely, Amanda Todd is an obvious example of the relentless bullying existence.

Amanda Todd was a poor victim of the relational aggression and cyber-bullying. Amanda made some mistakes in her life and society judged her deeds ostracizing and subjecting her to humiliating actions that seemed everlasting for a young girl. Peers relentlessly insulted Amanda calling “judged” to demonstrate their excessive contempt and disrespect. Moreover, there was one situation at school when the kids punched Amanda and filmed it. However, that never-ending story was based on the results of cyber-bullying when one boy decided to send Amanda’s picture with naked breasts to everyone on the Internet using it as his profile in the facebook. He merely harassed and destroyed Amanda’s life making her picture widespread.

Certainly, Amanda was broken into pieces. She felt anxious, lost the respect of all her friends and cried every night. Then, she got sick feeling constant depression and disorder that caused the use of drugs and alcohol. She even cut her veins, because it was difficult to bear such mockery. Later, the girl understood that she made a huge mistake and promised to herself never to do it again. Thus, Amanda moved to another school, but everything started again, because she believed one boy who pretended good only to have sex and nothing more. That fact made Amanda drink some bleach, and everybody knew it. The girl went to another city to live with her mother, but the story got worse and she began using antidepressants.

Misunderstandings among teens can negatively influence the behavior and feelings of other peers, but some necessary programs include appropriate strategies to prevent existent bullying types. Teachers and parents must always interact with their children not only at school during the classes, but outside as well. Both have to focus on the environment, headmasters establish and conduct parents meeting involving children to explain how bullying can destroy people’s life leading to suicide. Besides, some schools created special bullying prevention programs engaging those teens who mostly take part in bullying. They established some learning programs based on appropriate curriculum with specific procedures only for such teens. By the way, modern children totally differ from the previous generations and old methods do not work anymore. Recently, children could tease other peers giving them offensive names, but those actions were not so cruel previously, and there was no need to create new strategies against bullying. Therefore, today’s generation wants to state the position in society making somebody’s life horrible. Parents often do not pay attention to their children, notice the suffering of their own kids because of lack of time.. Thus, it is important to spot the first steps of bullying involving constant opening communication. Moreover, parents must visit school in order to know what happens in their child’s life. In some situations, it can be useful to have a talk with another parent whose child is aggressive and insults other peers.

Summing up, bullying is a dreadful problem that exists everywhere and society should be attentive to the children who suffer from contempt, mockery, punching and other types of injustice. Therefore, some establishments created needed methods or programs to prevent bullying.

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