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Baby Boomer

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In the history of United States of America, traditional families did not limit the number of their children to two or less like it is being witnessed now. The baby boomer generation between 1940s and 1960s produced prominent persons including the former president of United States, George W. Bush. The birth rate is said to have been very high at the moment demanding huge volumes of resources (Green, 2006). The health sector has faced challenges during and after the baby boomer period. Due to high population, the government health care department may have strained its resource a great deal in order to support them. However, the insurance companies and other health care marketers enjoyed the period (Wuthnow, 2007). Insurers received several clients because each family ensured that they took care of their loved ones’ health in the future. Unfortunately, through the evolution, the reverse has been witnessed because birth rates have gone down (Wister, 2005). Most families have limit themselves to having only one to two children. The inflation rates and the current lifestyles have forced most of them to adopt the prevailing conditions. Some have even resorted to not having kids.

Health care marketing strategies have been geared towards the baby boomers. Insurance companies and health care facilities providers believe that they can establish a favorable niche with them. Insurance companies have come up with a strategy of subsidizing for families with say more than four persons in the health scheme (Green, 2006)). To further capture their attention, a smaller monthly contribution is availed for such individuals. With that in mind, they increase their client base as well as the returns. Health care facilities providing companies have also targeted the baby boomer generation because they deem they require more health services than others (Mellor & Rehr, 2005). Such families need larger sewer systems. Additionally, water demand is higher as compared to a one-baby family. Waste collectors also reap a lot from baby boomer generation individuals. Since health requirements cannot be avoided, the baby boomers are the main contributors to insurance companies and other health care providers.

Therefore, baby boomers are a business target to many health care providers. They contribute handsomely hence enabling the high returns. Nonetheless, the health care in general has suffered the fact that the traditional family has changed its ways of operating. Few children hence low client base.

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