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Does The World still care about American Culture?

Free «Does The World still care about American Culture?» Essay Sample

American culture is not very distinct since it is composed of people from different origins. Their culture is diverse ranging from food, drinks, fashion and art. America has been a role model to many developing and developed countries in terms of fashion. Many individuals have perceived that United States of America has the best brains in designing clothes and mode of dressing. It has been a household activity to dress like them. Americans who include: Native American, Spanish and Africans live freely and express themselves without any attachment. They are known to like living large; they work extra hard to ensure that they meet the demands of life both socially and economically (Orshan, 2008). Their social life has been enticing making many people to seek for green cards so that they could have a glimpse of what is happening there.

The artists and musicians have contributed greatly to their economic status. The R&B, Blues and hip hop musicians mostly come from United States. Globally, upcoming musicians look up to their sense of humor. They have been copied and imitated in the past with the thought that they know everything. The upbringing of kids by making them view America as the owner of other countries erodes the reality on the ground (Orshan, 2008). Additionally, movies were originally produced in the western countries. Most of the artists in the movie industries today copied the idea of Americans. Other continents imported several products associated with U.S culture at high rates so that they could also have a taste of it.

The scenario has changed in the recent past. The entire world no longer depend American culture on all that they do. Many communities have realized the relevance of their own cultures. Most of them had been blind folded by the western design of life, which they have found out that it is expensive. Further, they can do without the western culture (Halliwell, 2007). Education has taught many people to appreciate home and to learn how to utilize the few skills they have to attract America into their world. Globalization is the main cause of appreciation of own culture and not Americas. Many persons have learned that United States of America is supposed to compete with them and not to control their lives.

African, for instance is endowed with a lot of natural resources that have attracted the Americans. Africans have a culture that is being admired globally; when they realized, they upheld it and improved their audience. The Maasai, a Kenyan community have stuck to their original culture of dressing in sheets with a dominant red color. Their endurance in their culture was inspired by the fact that they can survive and get a source of income from it. Furthermore, musicians and artists have upheld their original sense of style without having to emulate the west. Some musicians have had audience globally because they can utilize technological channels like YouTube to market their products (Orshan, 2008). Poets and actors maintain their originality in order to entertain.  Dancing styles are no more being defined by western cultures; individuals dance to their tunes.

Again, some countries have promoted their national language although they still appreciate English. For instance, Swahili speaking nation ensure that they respect their language and have it taught in schools. Moreover, the establishment of advanced technology has given a leeway to many countries to be at bar with the Americans (Halliwell, 2007). They no longer depend on them for everything. Their colonial powers have lesser impacts now considering that most countries have attained their self identification. Many nations have firmly refused to be controlled by foreign powers and cultures.

Therefore, the rich culture of the Americans has no or little place in the world. Establishment of technology and self realization has brought to light the need to appreciate own culture. Education has also taught many persons to realize the significance of their culture instead of depending on foreigners. Furthers, many communities have realized that America should not dominate their lives, but be their competitor. 

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