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Community Oriented Policing Model

Free «Community Oriented Policing Model» Essay Sample

Community policing is a proactive approach in addressing the issues facing a community. The concept’s success is highly benched on degree of fruitful collaboration between the community and the law enforcers. Ideally, community policing comprises of three crucial components.  The first component of community policing is community partnerships. In this component, the critical concept is to allow intermingling, close relationship and collaboration between the law enforcement agencies and the community members. The community, in this context, may encompass individuals, organizations or both.  The community serves to relay information regarding criminals while the law enforcers will be charge with responsibilities of bringing law perpetrators s to justice. The second component is the institutionalization of the plan to solve the problem.-problem solving component.  Problem solving comprises of a step wise framework of fixing the issue at hand. It starts with scanning to identify and prioritize the issues, analyzing the available information regarding the problem at the community level, crafting response to the issue at hand and assessment the feasibility and effectiveness of the program (Bryson, 2011).

Community policing program vests the responsibility maintaining law and order in a community among the hands of the community. Once the community understands the importance of collaboration, they end up trusting the deployed law enforcers; thus, expanding surveillance scale. Compared to reactive approach, community policing will play a massive role in cutting down the frequency of crime.  The security of the officers will also be lower risk than when using the reactive approach that wins fewer hearts judging by the fact that the people to be protected have already suffered by the time police intervenes (Bryson, 2011).

Despite the promised benefits of the program, its implementation and effectiveness may face impediments. The community may fail to corporate due to mistrust to police department, fear of retaliation from offenders and apathy state (Bryson, 2011). Resource may proof a core drawback to fully implementation since educating the society members on their roles is mandatory. Moreover, reliability of the information shared to the police is also a determinant. However, with intensive community education and involvement, these obstacles can be diluted if not dissolved.

In conclusion, proactivity scores higher than reactive approach in regard to crime stoppage.  Therefore, community policing becomes an eminent to crime. 

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