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Ethical Dilemma

Free «Ethical Dilemma» Essay Sample

Life pause a lot of chances and opportunities, some of them difficult to decide, but there has to be an answer in every question. Ideally, life is about choices. The choice we make determines the future endeavors and relationship with those we relate in terms of friendship, relatives or work. However challenging the decision is it is imperative to ensure that the choice made is the most consummate of all. In this respect, there exist situations where ethical doctrines conflict in the process of decision making leading to a situation of an ethical dilemma. Here is personal testimony of an ethical dilemma in my work situation.

Immediately after finishing my degree program, I managed to secure a job as a waiter at Chipmunks Flavors Hotel. The hotel is one of the celebrities, in the city, receiving a lot of customers from the upper class. It operates on 24 hour basis 7 days per week. Deducing from this profile, it is quite clear that the hotel collect ample cash culminating to profound profit on daily bases. The manager had gained popularity securing ample friends. However, not all friends can be trusted especially in a business arena where the world is experiencing stiff competition, and enterprises are fighting hard to eliminate their competitors from the league.

As a waiter, I was bestowed with responsibilities of serving clients assigned to three tables. Every duty was business as usual, but not until December 19, 2012. While heading for work, early in the morning, I was confronted by a clique of four men elegantly dressed, which reflected their high social class. At a far end, there was a saloon car packed, and the guys demanded that I accompany them to that car. On arrival, I neither believe my eyes seeing my girlfriend held hostage, nor my ears when one guy dropped the bombshell of her ransom. That day, at around 9 Am, there were guests who were expected to meet the manager, in the hotel. I was expected to poison my manager by drugging his drink in exchange with my girlfriend’s life. Stiff threats followed if I would involve the police or alert the management team. The fact that I never knew these people and where they were taking my girlfriend left me no choice other than agreeing to their demands. On the other hand, poisoning my manager would have been a violation of not only professional ethics, but also my personal principles.

The clique took my phone away, but what worried me most is the degree of seriousness that they handled the matter. It gave me a feeling of “they careless” about my girlfriend, thus, breaching the order would lead to an outright murder of my girlfriend. I thought of telling the manager, then we frame a trick, but again this would elicit anxiety in him, which could culminate to leakage of the plan. At last I settled on not revealing the details to anybody, thereby handling it by myself. It is at this point that I involved my trusted friend, who is a doctor in a nearby hospital, and he brought be a strong sedative agent, which I substituted with the intended poison. According to them, their poison would have manifested with body weakness and death within five minutes.

The plan followed the process as planned, and suddenly the whole Hotel was in turmoil when the manager collapsed in the middle of the meeting.  Manager’s guests were restrained while the manager was taken to the hospital immediately. Having satisfied the thugs, they dropped my girlfriend at the hotel, and I was filled with liberation seeing her again. Being the waiter in-charge, I was indicted to record a statement with the police. Some hours later, the manager recovered from sedation and later extolled my decision. However, I still leave in fear of whether these people will come for me one day. Later, it was revealed that those organizing the crime were targeting to frame the hosted guests with the death of the manager.

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Caught in such a situation again, I would upgrade my approach by incorporating external observers like friends or police so as to ensure that such culprits are arrested and jailed. Despite the fact that I managed to save my girlfriend and my manager, I carry the blame of not enabling arrest of the thugs.

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