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Free «Republican Vs Democrats» Essay Sample

The issue of gay marriages has been a heated social issue between the democrats and the republicans in the U.S. The republicans are opposed to the legalization of gay marriages, while democrats support it fully. The current paper intends to look at why republicans should change their policies on gay marriages, in order to win votes from gay community that is growing in the U.S from democrats who are widely supported by this community? This research question will be answered by looking how gay marriage right is important to the gay community and the way republicans and democrats’ policies are in line or not in line with the needs of this community. The republicans need to have a clear policy in place on the way they are supposed to address the issue of gay marriage rights in a more favorable manner, failure to do so, they will lose the votes of gay community to the democrats, and this voting bloc is important in determining who will win the 2016 presidential race between the republicans and the democrats.

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The issue of gay rights is important to the gay community in the U.S. For many years, they have been facing opposition and lack of protection from the state, as far as their marriage rights are concerned. Other married couples, who are not gay, are protected by the state. Despite the Supreme Court ruling in their favor recently, they still fear that some legislation, that is not favorable to them, may be passed.

The gay couples fear that if their rights in marriage are not protected by the constitution, they may end up being abused. In addition, they may end up losing all the properties they have earned together as couples, in case of divorces. Therefore, a government that is committed to ensuring that their rights are committed is what they want from the coming 2016 presidential elections. Therefore, they will be looking for a candidate with favorable policies on this issue.

After the Supreme Court decision to protect the gay right to marry, various political parties gave their opinion on the issue, where the democrats supported the court decision, while the republicans were not in support of the ruling. Therefore, the worries of gay community are that a government that does not support their right may come into power, implementing policies that are not favorable to them.

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Currently, the democrats have been supporting gay marriages right being protected in the constitutions. They argue that they are supposed to have same marriage rights as men and women, because an individual has a right to make his/her personal choices (Horowitz, 2015). Denying gays of their right to decide on which type of marriage they want, is limiting their constitutional rights to make choices in life, something that is protected by the Amendment Four of the U.S Constitution.

As a result, gay community in the last election voted in large numbers for president Obama, due to his strong stand when it comes to the protection of gay marriage rights. President Obama, unlike the republican candidate, was vocal on the need to protect the rights of gay community. This has helped him win support from the community, while the republicans lost the support in this important voting bloc.

On the one hand, the republicans have been strongly opposed to the issue of gay right marriages. They are of the view that the law is supposed to recognize a marriage between a woman and a man, but not between a man and a man, or a woman and woman (Stein, 2015). They have been opposed to all efforts that have been made by the gay rights organization to ensure a bill is passed to legalize the gay marriages.

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Republicans are known to be in favor of natural laws on many controversial issues in the society. For instance, they have been opposed to the idea of abortion when a person wishes, but favor a more controlled abortion environment. In this case, they are in favor of natural law, which requires a man and a woman to engage in sexual relationship. They argue that people have no choice, but to follow moral laws.

However, due to the need of winning the 2016 presidential race, they need to change their policy on the issue of gay marriages. In the U.S., the minority groups are the ones who will determine who wins the election in 2016. Given that the White House has eluded them in the last two elections due to their failure to address policies related to the minority groups.

In the last elections, for example, they failed to win the Hispanic votes due to lack of good immigration policies that favored the immigrants, most of whom are Hispanic. In addition, they lost the gay community votes due to their failure to develop policies that are in favor of the gay community. Today, it is impossible to win the White House race without the support of this minority group, as their votes are very important in adding numbers.

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Republicans have to change their approach to the gay community issue, as it has led to them losing elections in the past. The republican presidential candidates need to develop policies that are in line with the needs of gay community, while, at the same time, balancing the interests of other groups in the society (Stein, 2015). Such actions will help in winning the votes from this community in future elections.

They have to ensure that their policies on the issue of gay marriages are better than those of the democrats. It is critical to note that a voter always looks for a policy that is more favorable to him or on a given social issue. This means that the republicans have to be vocal on the issue of gay marriages rights and show the gay community voters they are best placed on protecting their rights.

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