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Five Perspectives in a Love Relationship

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Free «Five Perspectives in a Love Relationship» Essay Sample

Humans are described as social beings that need to interact with each other for purposes of developmental progress. It is through this need of socialization that intimate association crops up, and nurtures to a love/romantic relationship. A love arched relationship is described as one, which is based on no science based agreement coupled with an anchorage on unconditional platform. A good example of a love relationship is one that leads to marriage between a man and a woman. During the early age of this relationship, there is a common force that tends to grow between the two, thus moving them together in a unique way. The explanation and accounting of this behavior can be traced and analyzed in dimensions of the five major perspectives of human behavior.  In this paper, the writer will argue out the foundation of love relationship from perspectives of biological, learning, sociocultural, cognitive psychodynamic perspectives (Wiggins, 1997).

Biologically, human beings are believed to have a key role of reproducing for the purpose of maintaining the continuity of the human generation (Wiggins, 1997). Therefore, in this perspective love relationship is driven by this notion of generating new generations. In this respect, human being will be cautious in choices they make for their love partners.  The strength of romance and love in this kind of relationship is basically diluted in a large extent. Despite love being a freely driving force, biological perspective of behavior development portrays love as a reason based motive. However, there are cases of love relationships between people of the same sex. Judging from this aspect, recreation aspect does not hold waters. Thus, other perspective may be well-vested to account for love relationship.

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Learning perspective accounts that individuals acquire behaviors due to the process of being exposed to interactive forums that nurture the development of this behavior. In this respect, love relationships arise and exist due to pre-exposure. Individuals learn about the existence of love relationships in institutions such as families, peer groups and schools. Persons tend to develop love relationship due to the mere fact that they get the knowledge of existence and significance of such a relationship. Brown (2010) comments that learning perspective of explaining love relationships is supported in cases where couples are taken through classes and forums on how to grow strong in their love relationships. There are ample literal books where individuals learn how to be good in their love relations. In addition, love relationship, as analyzed from learning perspective, is reflected as a nurtured concept, which is developed from past experience. Depending on a personal exposure and understanding of love, the relationship may be weakened or strengthened.

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Being a social animal, man has social norms and doctrines which may be attributed to love relationship. Culturally, human beings have a way of life that dictates the way of love. The general feeling of being in an intimate association, just like their peer group members, has a magnificent effect on the development of love relationships. According to Cherry (2011), sociocultural perspective of human behavior is benched on the principles of conformity and togetherness. Individuals engage in love affairs with the reason that the society expects them to be so at a given age. Peer pressure and group effect moves the couples into coming together in a love relationship.  This perspective seems to be the “others” force which triggers and shapes the love affair. Socially, lovers will conform to the expectations of the society. Thus, at one point there will be that influence of the surrounding persons to push for this union. Culturally, love will be an answer to society expectations call rather than merely an individual self-driven idea.

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Human beings are discerned from other animals by their high cognitive capability (Wiggins, 1997).  They are able to generate sound factual based decisions and problem solving approach. These cognitive functions are what form the basis of cognitive perspective of genesis of love relationships. Therefore, cognitive perspective holds that love relationships are the result of rational understanding of relationships imperativeness in the society. Lovers will engage in mental workout to validate and authenticate the significance of being. In this perspective, individuals will only engage in love relationship that has added value to their relationship. Decisions are coherently arrived at, rather than dogmatic absorption into cocoons of social doctrines.

Freud’s contributions in psychology trail every aspect of psychological argument or disclosure. In respect to love relationships, his ideas in psychoanalysis and child development form the core of psychodynamic perspective of human behavior. Love is perceived to emanate from aspects in the interior composition of the individual. These inner forces of motivation, memories and conflicts are beyond people’s ability, in terms of detection and control.

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It is very difficult to isolate a single perspective as the cause of the lover relationship, such as that portrayed by a man and a woman in a society. Sociocultural perspectives seem to have a source of force that tends to push for this union. However, other than psychodynamic perspective, all the other perspectives can influence by the persona involved, since he or she can identify the driving force. Cognitive perspective seems to favor rational process, which is deficient in all the other four perspectives. Brown et al (2010), argues that biological perspective seems to be both intrinsic and extrinsic oriented perspective, while psychodynamic and cognitive perspectives have an intrinsic source of influence to relationships. On the other hand, learning and sociocultural perspectives are highly inclined to extrinsic sources of influence to relationships.

In conclusion, describing the development or the concept of love relationship can be highly achieved from a coalescence of facts and ideas from the five perspectives of human behavior. Despite the fact that they all have appoint of entry into the disclosure, amalgamating these approaches will lead to a more reliable and valid inference. 

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