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Positive Relationships

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Free «Positive Relationships» Essay Sample

Collaboration and togetherness are principles of higher achievement.  Contemporary, almost every employer is interested in individuals who can relate with others consummately, and use their capabilities with the aim of synergic effect in their team endeavors (Harbour, 2009). Sole player is losing grip owing to the growing need to meet diversified interest in the current social, educational and business setup. In this respect, team playing attribute that is facilitated by positive relationship is of paramount consideration in meeting ample challenges in contemporary situations.

Part 1

The rating of the test was 42, which is translated as being a good team player. The test and the score have truth beyond reasonable doubts on gauging the degree of a team-player. The validity of the test can be benched on the fact that the questions target an honest answer without hinting out the score for each answer. The cumulative result then sums up the attributes enable appropriate ranking of the individual.

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In becoming an effective team player; reliability, understanding group objectives and being active are crucial traits. Team work involves brainstorming and coming up with the best feasible approach for a given project. In this respect, teammates have to trust that one can be reliable with their promises and endeavors. This is a noteworthy trait that may lead to preference of sole approach over teamwork when violated (Harbour, 2009). It is also crucial to understand objectives of the team with the aim of devising the appropriate strategies of meeting these objectives and avoid straying from the main course. In addition, teamwork calls for active participation and contribution. Activeness calls for playing your role in what one is best in respect to team activities. The strength can fall in ether decision making, criticizing/evaluation, coming up with ideas, implementing ideas or even maintaining group cohesion (Johnson, 2006).

Part 2

Teamwork is highly bench on the notion of believing on fellow teammates. Every player in the team has to be sure that their interests are geared towards achieving the best for the team and not on personal gains. Therefore, the first step in building a positive relationship that will culminate to an effective team player is building trust. Trust is what will gauge the sustainability and accomplishments that the team can make (Johnson, 2006). Without trust, individuals will always be hypocritical about their decisions, activities and the relationship will hence head towards crumbling. Trust will help in cultivating loyalty, which will potentiate free sharing of ideas and decisions.

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 The second step involves being a compromiser and flexible. In a relationship, one has to embrace the fact that others can have better opinions than his/hers and be ready to compromise for the benefit of the group. Otherwise, it may be extraordinarily difficult to move on in situations where no person is willing to accept other people’s decisions or ideas. This may lead to autocratic atmosphere in the group; thus some people may feel short charged and hence end of the group (

Part 3

The first step in establishing a profound student-instructor online relationship encompasses approaches to know the partner(s) and their roles in the relationship. This will go a long way in commanding respect between the two parties, and ensuring that the relationship remains fruitful. Having a full grasp of essential understanding of each other will avoid cases of stepping on each other’s to, but instead act within expected jurisdiction. The fact that the relationship is online eliminates the one on one interaction among the members which hinders application all senses in drawing judgment. Therefore, the second step involves cultivating good communication skills. This involves actively listening and synthesizing information. The relationship will also relay on proper relay of information without support of non-verbal cues of communication. Effective communication goes hand in hand with developing a positive attitude and speaking positively (

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The thirds step is arched on the virtue of appreciation. This step involves recognizing worthwhile contributions and paying tribute. Appreciation goes a long way in building a strong relationship since it is a form of motivation (Gzik, 2010).  Another step imperative in strengthening the instructor-student relationship is creating results. This steps help us evaluated the profitability of the relationship towards achieving the set goal(s). The instructor will validate his approach in assisting the student while the student will gauge his/her efforts. This will motivate them and offer a ground for revising their relationship approach.

In conclusion, teamwork cannot be achieved in an environment inept of a good relationship. In order to realizing good relationships, individuals have to embrace open mindedness and diversity in terms of views and personalities. In a contemporary society where diversity, complexity and specialization are the orders of the day, teamwork is not an option, but a must. 

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