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Charismatic Leadership

Charismatic Leadership

A 1976 Theory of Charisma Leadership uses the term charisma to describe leaders who wield the uncommon abilities to command devotion and loyalty of the inspiring followers not only to accept but to execute their (leaders’) will without any hesitation or question courtesy of the leaders’ personal abilities. According to Max Weber, charismatic leader is that who reveals the transcendent mission which is appealing to the inspiring followers in readiness for action because the followers have faith in their leader’s extraordinary gift. Charisma has a profound effect on the followers’ performance, motivation and commitment to the mission of an organization.

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Charismatic leadership is seen as the only solution to the management related problems that beleaguer many organizations and corporations across the continents. Organizations are bleeding of corruption, bad governance, poor leadership and an outright violation of employees’ rights. Corruption coupled with excessive power that gets into the heads of leaders in corporations today deprives subordinates of supposed mentors and role models at their places of work world over.

It has been established the most organizations and companies are recording lower levels of productivity as well as intolerable losses simply because employees are not fully committeed to the organizational goals and missions. Charismatic leadership will come in handy in ensuring that transformational leaders act as both the motivating and social mobilizing agents by setting up examples to be emulated by their followers. Development of desirable traits in employees, under the influence of a leader, will refocus their dedication and commitment to the organizational goals and missions anew.

Secondly, reflection of charismatic leadership in 2013 will improve social relationships in any organization by ensuring effective communication amidst different categories of all employees. This will not only improve communication processes but promote harmony and coherence within the social organizations.

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