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1984 by George Orwell

The title of the book is 1984. It is written by George Orwell. The book was published on 1 December 2009 by Mahaveer Publishers, which is a publishing house situated in India.  The novel under discussion is a classic anti-utopia and keen political satire that is still as important nowadays as when it was written and published. To my mind, the idea of smugness and the threats of the totalitarian…

A Comparison Essay between “The Masque of the Red” and “The Beggar Woman of Locarno”

This essay aims to compare the stories “The Masque of the Red” and “The Beggar of Locarno”. The story of Masque of the Red Death is set in prince Prospero’s lavish “castellated abbey” that is concealed at an undisclosed place in his kingdom. In addition to secrecy of this location, Prospero and his supporters have welded the doors, so as to allow people to either get in or get out.…

A Critical Analysis of August Strindberg’s A Dream Play

August Strindberg wrote A Dream Play in 1901. The play sought to break from the past aiming to find its own unique niche. While most former plays had a cast of well-developed characters, A Dream Play lacks such characters. The play’s characters are many and fascinating as well. This paper seeks to critically analyze the literal work with the aim of bringing out a clear understanding of the themes. In…

A historical analysis of William Blake’s poem “London”

“London” by William Blake is one of the most popular poems among the poetry lovers. The poem was written to depict London during the time of industrial revolution that saw series of political conflicts in Europe, particularly in Britain and France. It echoes the voice of a man who experienced the state of affairs during the turbulent times in London, with the historical injustices that came with industrial revolution. For…

A Visit to Grandmother

The story “A Visit to the Grandmother” introduces us to the problems faced by a family in the modern society. It brings out underlying issues that break up families if gone unsolved. Lack of communication and understanding among the family members enhances conflicts. The title of this story creates an image of a loving family and comforting scenes, but once you read it through, it becomes clear that it is…

Aeneas as the Gods’ Favorite

Since Aeneas is the main character of the epic poem written by Virgil, it is obvious that the plot will circle around him. It is typical for epos that a central figure of the narration is a positive character, so there should be indisputable virtues embodied in this figure. Aeneas is definitely described as a person to admire, both by appearance, e.g. “the beauty of flowing locks, with youth’s ruddy…

Angela’s Ashes

The first half of the XX century was quite a difficult time for the Irish people. This especially concerned the Irish Catholic families with a typically unstable mother giving birth to numerous children and a drunken father unable to support his family. “Angela`s ashes” by Frank McCourt vividly illustrates these realities, while describing the tragedies, childhood experiences and hardships of a teenage boy named Frank. This essay aims to analyze…

Aristotle the Philosopher

Aristotle the Philosopher was a respectable Greek philosopher who lived between 384 and 322 BC; he lived for 61 years. He was also a scientist and a logician who pioneered several philosophical phenomena that include political thoughts. He was a good student of Plato who guided him through his ambitions. After the death of his teacher, Plato, Aristotle went to Asia to continue his biological and philosophical work where he…

Article Review

The article, Labeur and Paresse: Ideological Representation of Medieval Peasant Labor, talks about the discrimination that became trendy during the medieval period. The article generally talks about the social structure of the landowners and peasants during the stated period. The article uses various sources including other articles written and compiled by other writers and historians. One of the documents mostly used in the article is the Tres Riches Heures  Based…

Be Cool

Kindness can be defined as being cool and considerate towards other people. It is a crucial virtue in any society as it ensures peaceful mutual relations among people thus promoting tranquility in a society. Tranquility ensures proper development based on innovativeness and understandings among the societal members. It is, therefore, a fact to affirm that kindness pays, in the collective or communal aspect. It kills the unnecessary egocentrism and selfishness…

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