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Aristotle the Philosopher

Free «Aristotle the Philosopher» Essay Sample

Aristotle the Philosopher was a respectable Greek philosopher who lived between 384 and 322 BC; he lived for 61 years. He was also a scientist and a logician who pioneered several philosophical phenomena that include political thoughts. He was a good student of Plato who guided him through his ambitions. After the death of his teacher, Plato, Aristotle went to Asia to continue his biological and philosophical work where he focused mainly on political theories. According to Aristotle, a politician is mandated to make laws for their state (Kiefer, 2007). He affirmed that it was their work to ensure that laws are well stipulated, customs are maintained while institutions uphold their moral standards. Politicians according to him were experts charged with the responsibility of leading the citizens in the right way. Further, he states that once there is a constitution in place, it is vital for politicians to ensure that reforms are implemented and adhered to by the citizens. He further maintained that the politicians were supposed to ensure that the political system is not interrupted by any establishments. In order to explain his theory in a more understandable manner, Aristotle compared a politician to a craftsman (Wilson, 2000). He states that while politicians develop, operate and preserve a lawful system, a craftsman also establishes and an formal and efficient arts. A politician mainly deals with policies while a craftsman deals with material objects for instance using clay to mould a pot.

Aristotle introduces the issues of constitution which he claimed that it is a tool of rules and regulations that should guide a politician while delivering their duties. He stated that the constitutions provides for respect of human rights. He further states that human beings should be treated equally and that all persons have the right to hold any political office. Most of his political analogies were inspired by his teacher, Plato (Wilson, 2000). Aristotle argues that the reality on the ground may not allow equality. However, later, he states that all citizens are entitled to happiness, basic needs including proper education for all. Aristotle believed in the fact that the majority rule. Democracy according to Aristotle was crucial; every citizen was entitled to their own opinion. He argues that while the minority may be overshadowed by the majority, this small group may have the best options to solving a problem. He further says they may be full of wisdom and knowledge and could emerge the best leaders of their time (Modrak, 2001). This argument reflects the modern politics where there is freedom of expression and to elect anyone. Aristotle disregarded slavery and discrimination which most human beings face in their lifetime.

Aristotle’s theory of politics directly reflects human behavior since the First World War. Slavery, racism and discrimination against minority groups were witnessed. Social classification is a vice that is still fresh in most human minds. Democracy is a virtue that many independent countries and states try to promote in order to witness a politically stable nation. Modern politics allow citizens to vote on a democratic rule (Modrak, 2001). The constitution has been a tool that is guiding the political system of many nations. Most countries are still using the colonial inspired set of rules, but a few have realized the need to develop new ones basing on their current state of development.  

Whereas Aristotle’s theory of politics inspires the current state, modern political system has changed. Apart from the idea of slavery, social classification and female discrimination, other aspects are not directly pertinent to current political issues. Most of Aristotle’s arguments and perceptions are outdated. 

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